Planet Rahu in Astrology

Rahu- North node of the Moon, Planet of instant exponential growth and endless wants! Rahu, also called the North node or Ascending Node of the Moon, is a chayagraha or shadow planet in Vedic Astrology. Though Astronomically Rahu is not a planet, due to its deeper impact on human’s life, it is treated as a planet in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Sun, or the Moon, Rahu doesn’t exist as heavenly body in the solar system, it is called Dragon’s Head since it symbolises desires and excessive wants. Rahu is compatible with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, Inimical to Sun, Moon and Mars, Neutral to Jupiter.

Rahu as a shadow planet does not have any lordships on signs or houses. Rahu simply amplifies the results of the lord of the sign it is posited in. If placed well, Rahu can bless power, extreme material pleasures, and immense wealth. Rahu’s placement is beneficial when a connection is established with the dispositor of the sign Rahu is placed in. The benefits are furthered if this dispositor is the ruler of the Kendra or Trikona Bhavas. Rahu can bestow extravagance, luxurious and exotic lifestyle, material wealth, social popularity in one’s life. It signifies important dimensions of life- family, finance, communication, and material assets. Rahu brings spectacular results in career, politics and relocation to foreign lands. Rahu bestows esoteric higher wisdom and powerful ability to read other’s mind. The only shortcoming is that Rahu always wants more than it is and may not achieve satisfaction. 

Poorly placed Rahu in the chart can be malefic, most common impact being fake, phony and deceptive. It also makes the native addicted to bad habits like gambling, drugs and lust on opposite sex along with involvement in illegal or immoral acts. 

Rahu signifies Paternal Grandfather. Professions related to occult, casinos, cinema industry and IT jobs are ruled by Rahu. In the modern world, digital networks and social networking sites are indicated by Rahu.

Position of Rahu in different houses and different signs of the horoscope has varying effects. Though these effects are reliant on lordship, affliction, conjunction, constellation, and aspect some common attributes are discussed here.