Rahu in 11th House

Rahu in the Eleventh House – Luck in Speculative gains and Material comforts! Rahu in the Eleventh House natives are social and popular in the social circle. The eleventh house in the Vedic Astrology is called as the house of income, it represents unexpected gains, wealth, and abundance. It also denotes fulfilment of native’s aspirations or desires. Presence of Rahu in this house indicates that the natives are greatly attached to ambitions and materialistic life all through their life. Rahu impacts native’s job roles, income through profession, their personality, and their desires in life. 

Rahu in 11th House

Rahu in 11th House Love

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Rahu in 11th House Marriage

Dignified Rahu indicates supportive and super rich life partner. The native also inherit considerable amount of wealth and popularity through mother or wife. Since Rahu in the 11th house is the 5th house from 7th house, this house also holds information on spouse, progeny, and creativity. Rahu’s nature of ‘out of the box’ thinking resonates well in this scenario, helping the native progress in entrepreneurial pursuits. This position also indicates that the spouse may behave in an unexpected manner and children will be unpredictable. Rahu plays an important role in continuous improvement in standard of life, these natives accumulate wealth over and over without any saturation point. After a certain age of the native, Rahu makes them keen only at the material level and they lack big time on emotional quotient and emotional sense of security. This position of Rahu does not work well for native’s father and elder siblings. If Rahu is weak, the native might suffer loss of emotional support or love from their father and paternal relationships. 

Rahu in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Rahu as a rule-breaker and represents illusions, these natives will be successful in business domains or job roles related to speculations, creativity, imaginations, and revolutionary innovative ideas. Rahu when placed in the house of desires and gains, it expands the energy of this house in the positive way based on the affliction of benefic planets. When Rahu is under malefic affliction, it generates indiscriminate energy that places roadblocks in the forms of excessive -Desire, Lust, and Greed. When Rahu is positively afflicted by Sun or Mars, the natives will get high ranking government jobs. They will reach top positions and go on frequent domestic travels on account of the job. Due to the positive effects of Rahu in the 11th house, the native will earn money or wealth through foreign resources. If they are entrepreneurs, they would be more successful in overseas opportunities than local. They are likely to set up foreign business ventures that bestow grand profits. Undignified Rahu signifies that the native might be involved in corruption and illegal activities. They will run after money that often make them take wrong impulsive decisions.

The areas affected due to the Rahu in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives of Rahu in the eleventh house are courageous, knowledgeable, and rich. They will be in powerful positions at workplace. Their speaking abilities attract people and followers. When Rahu is dignified, they are likely to luck by their side, supporting in every aspect of their life. They will also achieve their dreams and desires fulfilled without many efforts. They have high chances of massive financial growth in foreign lands. These natives will be privileged to have an influential social circle and be actively involved in social activities. Rahu’s aspect on the seventh house of marriage, signifies that the native will earn great wealth after marriage through their marital partner.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Rahu in 11th house might pose problems in the paternal relationship, they also face monetary challenges through their father. The natives suffer health issues related to children like miscarriage or infertility ailments. In some extreme cases, the native will be wealthy as long as their father is alive and suffer demolished state of wealth after their father’s demise. Rahu in the eleventh house natives use their tricky nature to manipulate and use their friendship to their advantage. These natives will be lucky to huge economic gains in every area of life, but they remain unsatisfactory all through their life. They will have excessive inclination towards lotteries, gambling, and speculations.