Rahu in 3rd House

Rahu in the Third House – Restless mind, Manipulative Speech, and Unexpected Gains! Third house in Vedic Astrology represents siblings, communication, and short distance travel & networking skills. Presence of Rahu in this house can expand both positive and negative traits of the house. Natives of Rahu in the 3rd house will be taboo-breakers and initiate revolutionary acts. Rahu in this house influences native’s spiritual ambitions, higher learning, profession, and relationships.  

Rahu in 3rd House

Rahu in 3rd House Love

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Rahu in 3rd House Marriage

Rahu in the 3rd house natives will have strong physique and energetic nature. They will have supportive family and siblings. These natives tend to be under the limelight from the family for both positive and negative reasons. Strength of Rahu determines the goodness through this limelight. They display clever behaviour right from childhood and play others for fool. Rahu in the 3rd house aspects the 7th house, 9th house and the 11th houses. Seventh house influence indicates unusual marriage for the native and the ninth house aspect signifies discontinued education, challenges of disobedience from teachers or spiritual elders. Eleventh house influence by Rahu can make the native earn gains through unfair means of networking and tactics. If Rahu is under a benefic association, all these houses receive positive aspect, and the good traits are expanded.  

Rahu in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

The native of Rahu in the third house will be a successful businessman since Rahu empowers the native’s business mind with clever ideas and positive manipulative techniques. Rahu enables the native to be powerful communicator, anchor/host, and public speaker. The native aspires to be on the front line or under focus for everything they are associated, these natives shine well as anchors/ host of a talk show, actors, or public speakers, and journalists. third house also represents skilful work done by hands, Rahu in this house can make the native, an excellent writer, poet, or a sculptor. Positive affliction signifies gains from siblings, neighbours, through journeys, and publication work. Undignified Rahu natives can their occult understanding to misuse legal loopholes. They spread rumours or conspiracy theories with their written or digital skills. These natives go on short distance travels, from state to state or from one city to another on account of business ventures.

The areas affected due to the Rahu in the 3rd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Rahu in their third house natives are intelligent, exceedingly optimistic, and valorous. Natives might often become over courageous that blinds the reality of the world, however they win or succeed through this attitude. These natives of Rahu in the 3rd house want all the attention wherever they go. They want their voice/ opinions to be heard. They have an inherent hunger to excel and gain popularity. These natives effectively fabricate fake stories for manipulation, in order to gain glory. These natives are clever in utilising their intuition and psychic abilities towards making money. This planetary placement enables the natives to develop closer relationships with their siblings. Rahu in the 3rd house is helpful in accumulating material comforts, luxurious lifestyle, and lucky children from a beautiful, rich spouse. These natives are sharp minded yet feel restless most of the times. They can efficiently win over their enemies with their speech tactics. They will have a good rapport with influential contacts and government officials.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

When Rahu is negatively afflicted, the native may have harsh speech, devilish grin, and evil thoughts. They might live a secluded life, face financial impediments, and be part of illegal cohabitation. They can ensure injuries through accidents or from sharp weapons. They will live in suspicion and constant doubt. As planet Rahu is highly selfish, it can increase the hostility in native and perform any act only if they see a benefit for themselves. Even if they are associated with professional fields that demand sincerity like news publishing, journalism, and translation, these natives always add a flavour of ingenuity