Rahu in 4th House

Rahu in the Fourth House – Strained Maternal bond and Overseas Business success! Presence of Rahu in the 4th house can have more malefic influences resulting in laziness, stress and grand materialistic life that leads to greed and excessive power. These natives can rise to high rank by unfair means. Fourth house in Vedic Astrology represents land, conveyances, home, or homeland, nurturing from mother, and peace of mind. Rahu, as a planet of limitless desires leaves the native crave for acquiring more and more wealth or fame making them deceive or cheat people around. They can create false identity at the quick wink of an eye and get away unharmed. Rahu in this house influences native’s authority, maternal bond, lifestyle & wealth, and political affairs. 

Rahu in 4th House

Rahu in 4th House Love

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Rahu in 4th House Marriage

Dignified or Benefic affliction of Rahu natives enjoy a long-lasting marriage. There will be integrity and loyalty in their relationship. They live king size life with modern comforts including home, luxurious vehicles, and other luxurious articles. These natives are emotionally attached to their partners and render constant support each other in situations of adversity. Undignified Rahu natives might have strained relationship with their mother. Their mother may frequently fall sick resulting in lack of enhanced maternal bond. This makes the native self-centred and have no affection towards family life. Natives with fourth house Rahu easily fall in love or indulge in extra marital affairs. Probabilities of multiple love relationships at the same time are seen at large, fuelled by Rahu and other malefic involvement in this house.

Rahu in 4th House Career, Business and Finance

The natives with Rahu in 4th House are too aggressive and courageous in their professional life. This imposes pressure or fear in the minds of their employees or peers. These natives can shine well in the field of politics. They force their opinions on other and hardly listen to what others got to say, so they generally hold fear-led relations with subordinates or colleagues at work. These natives go on frequent travels and tend to flourish in the foreign land in business ventures. They seek attention and recognition for every task they initiate or complete. These natives can reach high rank authoritative work in the government when Rahu is placed with a benefic planet. Weak Rahu can cause job loss through defamation or conspiracy. Malefic Rahu may lead to the depletion of spiritual values and wealth status leading to family issues as well

The areas affected due to the Rahu in the 4th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placements of Moon and fourth house lord are important in shielding the negative effects of Rahu in this house or extend the goodness from this placement. Rahu blesses power, recognition, and prosperity. Dignified placement of Rahu in the horoscope helps the natives experience sudden uprise in terms of wealth, power, and social rank. They will have inherent intelligence and higher wisdom. Their mother will play an important role in running their life or helping them untangle their life issues. These natives can inherit great gains from maternal relationships making them stable both financially and personally. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives with Rahu in the fourth house have an inherent tendency to lie or to obtain favour by any hook or crook because of which they may land on fraudulent activities. Weak Rahu in this house indicates that the native may be a victim of fraud, scamming or guilty of fraudulent work. In some cases, these natives possess everything to enjoy life but feel a sense of insecurity or fear that stops them from enjoying it. These natives can be too impulsive in making their decisions that often lead them to adverse effects. They make decisions through unreasonable and wrong facts that can leave a bad impact on their career or education.