Rahu in 6th House

Rahu in the Sixth House – Political Career and Heightened Sensuality! Rahu in the Sixth House natives will be inherently good at conflict management and crisis resolutions. Sixth house in Vedic Astrology represents hostility, state of health, diseases, and obstacles in native's life. It also represents selfless deeds, social service for the welfare, and the benefits of others. The sixth house is a representative of litigation issues, divorces, and conflicts in the legal system. Presence of Rahu in this house blesses smooth traversing through the difficulties of routine daily life and shortcuts in excelling in business ventures. Rahu in this house impacts native’s leadership abilities, their attitude towards others or critical situations, and health. 

Rahu in 6th House

Rahu in 6th House Love

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Rahu in 6th House Marriage

Rahu in the sixth house works well in transforming malefic energy into positive energy in this house. These natives of Rahu in the sixth house love to be around privileged people and influential contacts. If Rahu is well placed, the natives might be born in a powerful and rich family. Rahu in this house makes the natives be addicted to opposite sex and sensual pleasures. They will have commitment issues and do not maintain integrity in their love life. They may seek pleasures outside of marriage or have affairs with other married people. They may fall sick or suffer from chronic sexually transmitted ailments or infertility. These natives suffer troubled married life and strained relationships with their children. 

Rahu in 6th House Career, Business and Finance

These natives will make great career in the field of politics or public affairs. They will reach their pinnacle of career success after their 40s. They will accumulate great financial strength, luxury, property, and overall monetary success in their mid-40s. These natives will prefer service business domains as a career over other fields. They are smart workers and figure shortcuts or simplest way to complete complex tasks pleasing their employers or leaders. They will be in the good books of the higher-ups. If the Rahu is undignified in this house, the native may make money through illicit activities like smuggling exotic animals or artifacts, drug peddling or selling products that are usually banned by governments. In office settings, these natives may have inimical relationships with subordinates, servants, and employees. Extreme malefic association of Rahu in this house can result in public humiliation, scandal, and imprisonment.  

The areas affected due to the Rahu in the 6th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

The natives of Rahu in the 6th house can defeat anyone with their powerful tenacity, endeavour, and fighting spirit. These traits are quite evident when they are put in situations adversities. They can be powerful political leaders or other prominent personalities associated with public services. These natives can take a head on any challenge with a brave heart and do not easily back down from emotional difficulties or problems that come their way. Dignified Rahu in the sixth house usually natives have a long healthy life. They usually brim with courage and enjoy wealth and all the materialistic pleasures throughout their life. These natives acquire and enjoy the privileges of being associated with servitude. They can function very well in groups or teams. They have outstanding social skills. They have strong desire to serve others when their friends or colleagues are facing difficult situations in life.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Weak Rahu in the second house natives might face serious difficulties or challenges through poverty, servitude, illnesses, and drugs. They may make bad investments or risky financial decisions. They tend to lose big finances and incur huge losses. They may have strained or inimical relationship with their domestic help, employees, and relatives especially maternal. Undignified Rahu challenge the conventional modes of business. They might be too manipulative while forming alliances, partnerships, and associations. As the sixth house represents conflicts and enmity, these natives might face issues in coordinating with people for office tasks.