Planet Saturn in Astrology

Saturn – Lord of Karma, Ruler of Cause & Effect pattern, and Planet of Longevity!  Planet Saturn or Shani Deva. Planet Saturn has other names- Shanishwar, Shani Deva or Shani Bhagavan. He is the only planet in the solar system with a Bhagavan and Ishwara title due to his sense of righteousness and Dharma. He is the God of Karma- actions. Saturn in Vedic Astrology rules perfection, discipline, hard work, and overall karmic baggage. And also signifies lifespan, Spiritual Salvation, perseverance, and introspection. Astronomically, Saturn is the farthest inner planet in the solar system with a bigger orbit around the Sun. This is one of the reasons behind the long Mahadasha period -19 years and Sade Sati -7.5 years.

Saturn represents "a strict disciplinarian." He rules the tenth and eleventh signs, Aquarius & Capricorn, and is a significator of sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth houses. He judges our past life karma and a great teacher of life lessons. He governs integrity, leadership qualities, conscience, life longevity, authority, discipline, and ambitions. He also rules the relationship with the father and other paternal figures in a family. He rules the bones and skeletal system of the human body. Planet Saturn is one of the strongest planets that affect many areas of life, from marital life to career and life span. 

Though Saturn is often perceived as a planet of obstacles or delays, He ensures that we learn from our life lessons and aid us to discover the true meaning of life-body-soul! Saturn also blesses endurance and persistence to withstand all life's challenges. Since Saturn is the Lord of Karmic baggage, he delivers the fruits of our karmic deeds. Saturn works along the lines of the Cause & Effect model; as a planet of justice, Saturn values our deeds also multiplies the results of our deeds. 

If Saturn is strong and well placed in a chart, the planet bestows lots of inheritance, opportunities to indulge in good karmic deeds, ability to compete for challenges and win. This also directs the native towards spiritual seeking and salvation. These natives will be honest, reliable, and chaste. If Saturn is weak or afflicted, it results in uncertainties, delays or depression, lethargy, and disappointments. In the physical system, Saturn governs hair, teeth, and bones. People under the influence of Saturn will be thin, pale, and tall look due to their uniquely long limbs. They will have a piercing look, thick eyebrows, and mild hearing challenges. 

The position of Saturn in different houses and different signs of the horoscope has varying effects. Though these effects rely on lordship, affliction, conjunction, constellation, and aspect, some common attributes are discussed here.