Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in Twelfth House – Spiritual Awakening, Critical, and Isolated!

Saturn is a representative of past life deeds and its presence in the twelfth house is a double ended sword. Twelfth house in Vedic Astrology is a representative of subconscious mind, hidden talents, other dimensions, secrecy, spirituality, and foreign lands. This house is also called the ‘House of mystery’ it denotes hidden talents, hidden powers, and settling overseas, sudden losses like theft or death. These natives display spiritual and material desires at the same time. Saturn impacts native’s wealth, sensual pleasures, and spiritual seeking abilities. Saturn as the ruler of Karma, acts as a beacon in this house of salvation.

Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in 12th House Love

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Saturn in 12th House Marriage

Saturn in the 12thhouse natives have deep and spiritually calming intonation in their speech. Saturn in this house plays a role in shaping their voice due to its aspect on second house. These natives have an inherent courage to speak the truth and spread righteousness, morals. Undignified Saturn exposes their intense dark themed mind patterns which can affect their legal marital life, these natives explore the dark side of sensual pleasures outside of their marriage. Saturn’s aspect on second house may cause separation from family due to overseas travel on account of education or job roles. Even in case of malefic scenarios, Saturn aids in clearing out backlogged karmic baggage, in turn creates beautiful afterlife.

Saturn in 12th House Career, Business and Finance

Ethics and higher philosophy of life through Saturn’s aspect on tenth house. This makes then score well in fields related to spirituality, liberation, or salvation. The native with Saturn in the twelfth house will be actively involved in helping unprivileged especially in foreign lands, they could be associated with global NGOs or run hospice facilities abroad. They can be powerful foreign policy diplomat or Secretary of State or high rank roles where the native manages the foreign social relations. 12th house also means foreign settlement and expenditure, Saturn in this house brings permanent movement to foreign lands or successful business partnerships overseas. Undignified Saturn spoils this movement landing the native in debts and foes through business. Their health also takes hit from these effects. They go through frightful dreams, irregular sleep, and anorexia.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 12th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placements of Venus and 12thhouse lord are important in determining the actual outcomes of Saturn in the 12thhouse. Saturn in the 12th house makes the native merciless, immoral, reclusive, and extravagant. They will be victorious, vicious pleasure-seekers and popular leaders. If Saturn is associated with a benefic in this house, it creates Rajayoga that blesses material abundance, good health, sexual pleasures, and assets. Saturn makes people relish their own company. They are meticulous in their spiritual pursuits. Afflicted Saturn indicates affluent yet unhappy, sad, or mentally tormented and self-destructive personality. These natives tend to suffer miserable or tragic end or commit suicide. Twelfth house Saturn also results in settling overseas.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Saturn in this house may restrict native’s peace of mind in the quest for spirituality or occult practices. They long for isolation or private time or places where the native can be themselves. This can disrupt their love relationships or family bond. Afflicted by malefic planets, they might be too hung up on sensual pleasures and material comforts. Their manipulative behaviour often places them in delicate situations where they are struck between spirituality and sensuality. These natives also earn many hidden enemies over time especially through their business ventures or unethical acts of making money. They may also go through phases of indignity or dissatisfaction as their spiral of bad karmic baggage unwinds.