Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn in the Second House – Deep Gaze, Unique Speech intonation, and Disciplinarian!

Saturn in the Second House natives are moral, ethical, and righteous people. Second House in Vedic Astrology represents immediate family, assets, family values and business. It also indicates possessions of luxurious or valuable things, vocal talent, and throat area i.e., ability to converse, ability, as the second house represents the throat. Presence of Saturn on the second house accelerates all the listed aspects with a tinge of discipline or strictness.

Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn in 2nd House Love

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Saturn in 2nd House Marriage

The natives will have strict and disciplined parents. They will be reprimanded even for their unintentional mistakes. Their parents play a major role in native’s ability to be organised and striving for perception. This also reflects on their parenting style. They try and implement these good qualities on their progeny. Dignified Saturn makes the native impart great karmic lessons on their children and aim at a sin-free life for their progeny. Planet Saturn likes to teach and these natives under the influence of this Saturn apply their unshakeable faith and grit on themselves and their children. They prioritise morality over emotion and hide their love under their cloak. If Saturn is undignified in the chart, the native may turn abusive on their own family or treat their family members unfairly. Their children might feel burdened or exhausted in their parenting style.

Saturn in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Saturn in the second house indicates slow and steady accumulation of assets or finances. Their career also witnesses slow growth. Careers like mining industry, voice acting, and machinery industries work great for these natives. They are likely to be associated with these business through family as well. Second house as a representative of wealth and assets, Saturn in this house makes the native keen on material wealth, valuables, and possessions. They take well calculated and strategized steps in expanding their wealth. The fear of financial instability further fuels them to accumulate wealth. Over time, they accumulate long lasting wealth that they rightfully hand over to their well raised children to enjoy. Saturn’s aspect on 11thhouse of profit and fulfilment of desires indicate delay or obstacles in fulfilling the native’s desires. But Saturn as the ruler of Karma, always gratifies the honest efforts bestowing huge gains after mild delays.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 2nd House:

  • List Element
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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placements of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the second house lord are crucial in determining the exact outcome of this position of Saturn. As second house rules the speech, tone, communication and throat related actions, Saturn in this house makes the native have a frightful or harsh intonation. Their speech tone can invoke deep tingles to the listener’s spine. They have a unique slow and steady tone in their speech and their voice radiate seriousness. These native also have a deep gaze of mystery in their eyes. They carry a serious look all the time and gives them control or influence over masses.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Saturn in the second house can bring melancholic thoughts and a sense of incompleteness in native’s mind in the matters of livelihood. Even when things are going well, they look sad or depressed. The natives may miscalculate the reality of a situation and fail to evaluate the solution. These natives are likely to work too hard for long time but achieve only moderate results though they accumulate good wealth by their 50s. Undignified Saturn can result in fraudulent advice or voicing out for fake agendas. They tend to harness their speech for socially unacceptable acts or tasks that repel others. Negatively afflicted Saturn can cause stammering, lisping, or articulation challenges in natives.