Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in the Third House – Authoritative, Intuitive, and Hard workers!

Saturn in the Third House natives are fearless, dedicated, and confident people. Third house in Vedic Astrology siblings, communication, and short distance travel & networking skills. Presence of Saturn in this house makes the native strong willed, stable minded, and steady action taker. Saturn in this house impacts communication, profession, mental strength, and attitude towards life situations.

Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in 3rd House Love

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Saturn in 3rd House Marriage

Saturn in the third house restricts smooth relationships with siblings or cousins. These natives might have an abusive father if the Saturn is afflicted. Their challenges result in poor communication and poor standard of professionalism. Saturn in this house can pose challenges through relatives or neighbours. They could also face struggles through younger siblings or be ill-treated by them. They go through numerous misunderstandings with relatives on ideologies or finance stuff like debts or loans. Even strong Saturn can cause some mild hiccups like coldness from relatives or ignorance from them. These natives attract a devoted, sensitive person as their life partner. They may face issues with progeny, and this highly relies on the fifth house lord in the chart. Undignified Saturn can result in many rejections from the opposite sex or heartbreaks. It causes delays in both marriage and progeny. They keep entangling in tussles between family and relatives or within friends which in turn affects their mental peace.

Saturn in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Strong Saturn in the third house blesses mental sharpness and excellence in strategy or analysis or research domains. Their concentration levels and depth of introspection will be great. These traits come handy in fields related to mathematics, data strategy, or inference of analysis. Third house also denotes publishing and writing, they shine in fields related to digital publications or journalism. The natives of Saturn in the 3rd house are too good at handling discreet or secret information. They naturally feel home at job roles where there is minimal interaction between employer and the employee. Saturn connecting with fifth house displays deep creative talents. Third house is the powerhouse of eighth house through Bhavat Bhavam technique, Saturn as a spiritual planet makes the native highly intriguing and intuitive. Undignified Saturn results in native spinning conspiracy theories or create writings about other’s secrets causing harm to others.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 3rd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive placements of Mars, Mercury and third house lord are important to extracting the best results of Saturn in this house. Third house placement of Saturn can give mental stability to break obstacles or hindrance, in addition to great valour and courage. Natives of Saturn in the 3rd house speak less and only when required. Yet, they make quite iconic statements. These are the natives who avoid calling up someone first. They are always cautious about every word they use. They are reserved and callous in their expression. They are great secret keepers and highly successful in professions that involves spying or discreet stance. Their attention to details and concentration power are efficient. These natives are also great listeners, well mannered, and unshakeably brave. They have strict faith on religious or spiritual pursuits.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Sometimes these natives turn tyrannical or too authoritative in their speech or behaviour. They might apply their disciplinarian nature unfairly or for baseless reasons. This nature of Saturn can reflect as hypocritical personality in natives. They may belittle people for their simple mistakes, but they tend to break rules themselves. They also lack direction or courage in deciding critical things. They take too many second guesses. These natives tend to cover their weakness with their over stubborn nature. Undignified Saturn can make the native pessimistic and stagnant.