Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in the Sixth House – Fearless, Obstacle led Transformation, Justice loving!

Saturn in the Sixth House natives are strict disciplinarians and stern messengers of justice. Sixth house in Vedic Astrology denotes enemies or foes, routine work, everyday life, and relationship with surroundings. This house also represents debts, obstacles, fighting spirit of the native, litigation issues, and divorce. Presence of Saturn in the 6th house makes the natives workaholics with conscious definitions of limitations and restrictions. These natives’ mind and thinking patterns preoccupied with professional tasks and situations. Saturn in this house impacts native’s career, their attitude towards profession, life, and their health.

Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in 6th House Love

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Saturn in 6th House Marriage

Saturn in the sixth house natives are seen working diligently to fulfil their duties or responsibilities in the family. They constantly prove their worthiness as the most responsible family member. They go through many obstacles and hindrances in personal life that they excel to reach a transformative state of mind. Saturn in this house aids spiritual transformation by throwing troubles all along the native’s life. They get married quite late in their life and have children in their late 40s. Native will be a responsible partner and feels accountable towards their family member’s life standards and their health. They treat everyone fairly and they are well respected in their social circle. If Saturn is afflicted, the native might be harsh, unforgiving, and rude in nature. They are also capable of breaking code of ethics, traditions, or justice.

Saturn in 6th House Career, Business and Finance

Service as the most important factor involved with the sixth house, Saturn as a karmic ruler makes the native excel well in fields relating to service or charity. They can also shine in domains where disciple, law & order plays a major role. Sixth house as the ruler of allies, team members or employees, Saturn in this aspect endows the native with great power to organise and inspire allies/employees. If Saturn is undignified, the native suffers obstacles through team members turning them into enemies. As sixth house also denotes debts, Saturn in this house indicates increased or prolonged period under debts or loans; strength of Saturn determines the goodness from these debts like investing as seed money in business ventures or negative impacts like loans for medical expenses. Ill placed Saturn can result in heavy burden of debts that cause major financial hurdles or difficulties. Despite these loans, the native might be irresponsible and tends to rush to apply for more loans.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 6th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Saturn in the 6th house is a comfortable placement for Saturn. Positive placement of Mars and sixth house lord are important to reaping best benefits from Saturn in the sixth house. They suffer moderate delays even in cases of strong Saturn but the lord of Karma renders courage and coldness of emotions to smash the delays. Natives of Saturn in the 6th house take professional work or tasks very seriously, they do not rest until they accomplish the task. Saturn also fuels native’s attitude to tackle adversities of life through mental strength and will. They possess extremely efficient organisational skills; they hate clumsiness and uncertainty. They do not just work very hard; they also ensure that people around them are aware of it. They need adequate recognition, but they get the appreciation quite late.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Saturn in the sixth house puts humongous pressure on the natives to be perfect in every way. Overtime, it gets really hard for them to handle this pressure easily. This pressure causes worry and anxiety that creates negative health impact on their well-being. It is advised that they go easy on these high expectations with an understanding of the inherent rush for perfection; this can avoid being upset over simple imperfections. They may be too concerned about their eating habits and of their loved ones. Their workaholic nature also causes challenges in family time. Their strong sense of responsibility towards work and family confuses them often.