Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in Seventh House – Patriotic, Social Work, and Humanistic personality!

Natives with sixth house Saturn are loyal and dependable. They take their relationships very seriously and are very calculative in their approach. Seventh house in Vedic Astrology represents marriage, partnerships- legal bindings, legal agreements, and business partnerships. The seventh house is also referred as the house of business, since all the entrepreneurial or merchant capabilities reside in this house. This house also represents discipline, law & order, territories, and reality of life. Presence of Saturn in this house causes both positive and negative effects. They can either soar too high or fall steep down, depending on the strength of Saturn’s placement in this 7th house. Saturn influences native’s wealth, business goals, dreams, and partnerships.

Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in 7th House Love

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Saturn in 7th House Marriage

When Saturn is in the 7th house of legal partnerships and marriage, the natives get married later in life or do not experience a serious relationship or love episodes until their thirties. These natives may consider marriage as a responsibility or a karmic burden, only with excellent planetary association Saturn brings balance and dignity into their relationships. These natives will have a smooth marital life if their partner can effectively deal with native’s inner life and their dream of solitude. Weak Saturn causes failed marriages or loss of partner. They may encounter delays in legal separation process leading to increased sense of loneliness or isolation. These natives also suffer from mental health challenges or depression due to their parents or children who endure pain due natives’ marital life. Native’s marital life leaves painful episodes on native’s parents or children causing health issues in them.

Saturn in 7th House Career, Business and Finance

Saturn makes the native obey rules and regulations. Humanitarian traits of Saturn are well expressed in this house. Directional momentum aspected on the tenth house can make the native indulge in patriotic acts or guard their homeland. At the same time, they tend to make instant judgements. They perform naturally well in the domains associated with law & order, public work, and community reformations. These natives of Saturn in the Seventh House are too critical of themselves. Their constant self-criticism leads to a detailed, disciplined, and orderly life that eases the lives of others in the natives’ family. However, if Saturn is weak, it becomes vice versa, the opposite of self-criticism, they blame others for their own problems resulting in procrastination and laziness. This affects their entrepreneurial pursuits, and they lose all the family wealth or partnership investments through this trait. They become too undependable and fail to take accountability in business ventures.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 7th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Placement of Saturn in the 7th house bestows sincerity, wealth, and fame on the natives. Saturn as a slow-moving planet influences the native to keep a low key yet make their actions/ moves speak of their victory. These natives display the virtues of trust, faith, and loyalty in every relationship. They do not talk much, but never back off from arguments against injustice. These individuals venture into innovative businesses or community work. They gain wealth and popularity through their selfless partnerships. They also become game-changers in rebellious social work. As a firm believer of ‘rule of karma’, the natives perform good deeds and acts integrated with their belief system or righteousness.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Saturn in the seventh house signifies native’s actual limits, their confinements, and delays that they face in their course of life. When Saturn is placed in the seventh house, it can delay the marriage of the native or implies that they marry an older/ mature partner. They try and apply maturity and discipline in all the aspects of their life including their love life/ marriage, this can make the other party boring or monotonous. Their relationships take the most heat in this placement; these natives utilise love life as an outpour of their raw and rough emotions. This surfaces issues in both partner’s health and family’s health.