Saturn in 8th House

Saturn in the Eighth House – Intense Transformational episodes, Spiritual pursuits!

Saturn in the Eighth House natives are constantly presented with situations to reinvent their life. Eighth house in the Vedic Astrology represents hidden energies, sudden events or emotions, sudden accidents- injuries, sudden profits, or losses. The eighth house is also referred as the house of death and rebirth. Presence of Saturn in this house blesses dynamic personality and emotional intense dimensions. Saturn influences native’s approach towards life situations, their attitude towards change, profession, and health.

Saturn in 8th House

Saturn in 8th House Love

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Saturn in 8th House Marriage

Natives of strong Saturn in this house are dexterous, scholarly, and learned. They will have a disciplined childhood under the conditioning of their parents. Yet they may go through a deep sense of unknown fear or sadness. The early part of their life is filled with uncertainty and baseless worries/ anxiety. These natives attract a dominant and less cooperative spouse. The natives feel dejected in their marital life, if the Saturn is debilitated. Native of Saturn in the eighth house may suffer painful chronic illnesses that affects their life span. If Saturn is positively afflicted, it ensures immunity against these diseases. Weak Saturn can cause turmoil in the family life, natives go through legal separation. They also face litigation issues over inheritance from their siblings. 

Saturn in 8th House Career, Business and Finance

Well placed, beneficially associated Saturn in the eighth house can make the native unique by imparting inherent ability to tap into the world of occult science, making them powerful healers or profound astrologers or philosophers. Saturn as the significator of the eighth house, represents manual or menial jobs. Saturn in this house unless associated with beneficial planets makes the native unprivileged or poor in their life. Saturn in the eighth house also inflicts unpredictability or uncertainty, though Saturn loves routine or uniformity, it causes dilemma in natives mind that resists to follow the set routine. The natives of Saturn in the eighth house are seen frustrated or easily agitated in accomplishing their tasks in the career path. Their career goes through a unique map of ups and downs. Since the eighth house also represents joint assets through marriage or siblings Saturn restricts these gains or cause delays in acquiring these gains. Eighth house also indicates sudden mishaps or accidents in life, if Saturn is weak in this house, the native may be a criminal minded or perform illegal businesses that lands them in serious legal or life-threatening issues.

The areas affected due to the Saturn in the 8th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Strong placement of eighth house ruler in the birth chart is important in eliminating the negative effects of Saturn in this house. Saturn’s aspect on second house also renders matured facial features. These natives are spiritually inclined, and they also go through intensively transformational life situations that can either ‘break them or make them’. Based on Saturn’s strength, the native utilises these life situations for their inner growth. Saturn ignites positive outcomes of these intense experiences. Saturn blesses physical endurance, required mental strength, and aggression when Mars is well placed in the chart. This also enables the native to face their deepest fears to break free from the spiral cosmic pattern. Saturn also signifies long term experiences and highest spiritual wisdom, harnessing these natural energies that are well hidden in the native can take them to great heights as healers or occult practitioners.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Debilitated Saturn in this house makes the native irresponsible and abandon their obligations that increases their bad karma baggage. Weak Saturn fails to render enough strength and courage to cope with the difficult situations in life; its aspect on the tenth house also reduces their ability to manage or control businesses. Their lifespan could be reduced due to the planet Saturn in this house. In some cases, the natives may suffer from impotency or deformities in their reproductive organs. Saturn delays their career growth even though the native may be talented and work efficient.