Planet Sun in Astrology

Planet Sun, the Atmakaraka, Sun is the dominant planet in Vedic astrology and the only star in our Solar system. He is the constant resource of life prana and the benefactor of life. Planet Sun rules the power, status, and authority of a being.

He is the ruler of the planet system and is an abundant source of energy. Vedic Astrology pictures Planet Sun as one's Father, The King, The Government, Power, one's Soul, and physical identity. He also plays a vital role in the sustenance of life on the earth plane. He is addressed by multiple names, Lord Surya, Adithya, Bhaskar, Mitra, Divakara, Surya Narayana and Ravi. Sun Worship dates back to the Stone Age, where ancient cavemen expressed gratitude to visible God elements like Sun, Moon and Water. 

Rig Veda, the oldest Veda, has several references to Lord Surya and believes that He is the seed of the Universe in the solar system. Sun denotes a person's paternal side, inheritance, physical strength, eyesight, and leadership or aristocratic capabilities. He is a God of Self-realization, Atma. As Light from Sun enables Vision, Sun's energy is important to go beyond visual perception, percolate Maya's state, and reach a state of stillness.

Lord Surya's blessings is a crucial factor in the process of winning over "Self" to experience the "Universal Ultimate" Lord Surya is depicted as a brightly golden coloured, well-built King in a chariot with seven horses being ridden by Aruna. He is four-armed, with sunflowers in two hands, a staff and a palm leaf & pen symbolizing His universal presence and knowledge. A similar icon for Sun is seen in various cultures, like Buddhism, Greek and Persian cultures. In the yogic culture, Planet Sun represents the human spinal cord, the right side of the physical body Pingala Nadi. Sun is associated with vitality, resistance, power and immunity.

The position of the Sun in different houses and different signs of the horoscope has varying effects. Though these effects rely on lordship, affliction, conjunction, constellation, and aspect, some common attributes are discussed here.