Sun in 10th House

Sun in tenth house, CEO in the making! Sun in the tenth house is an auspicious placement and bestows grand success in profession. The 10th house is called the Karma Bhava and represents native’s earning capabilities, career, and livelihood. It also holds information on what we do and how we do things in the outer world. The presence of Sun in the 10th house is said to be one of the ideal planetary placements and brings fame, glory, and a huge success at its best aspect. Sun in this house enables the native to be highly active, buzzing with business ideas and productive. They remain an example of well balanced and poised emotions.

Sun in 10th House

Sun in 10th House Love and Relationship

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Sun in 10th House Marriage

Native’s family will be of high status and respect in the community. At the least, the native’s father will be in politics or head of a department in government office. Health of the family especially mother would be in delicate state. Sun blesses diplomacy and honesty to the native. These native’s love life will be exciting but dramatic. They are bold and courageous in displaying their love and affection towards their partner. Their marital life will have stability, mutual respect, and compassion. Children will also be affectionate towards the native continuing the harmony in family. Natives with Sun in 10thhouse might face gastric issues or blood pressure due to the immense pressure they put on themselves for the career.

Sun in 10th House Career, Business and Finance

The natives with Sun in 10th house will achieve new heights in their profession super-fast and reach pinnacle in their early 40s. Sun pumps them with a burning desire to be on the top of the table all the time. Nevertheless, the natives also work really hard to sustain their success. They love elite and luxurious standard of life for themselves and their family members. With Sun’s blessings they can excel in a career option they set their eyes on, be it entertainment business, journalism, media or IT sector. Weak placement of Sun denotes a lot of enmity and non-coordination from their authority or peers. Especially if Saturn is aspecting the Sun in the tenth house, they face hardships through their supervisor or leader. Even a mild push from Sun makes the native reboot with tremendous confidence. If 6thhouse or 8thhouse afflicts the Sun, it might disrupt the career growth. If Sun is influenced by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, the native might face defamation, false allegation due to which they can lose job or position in career. 

The areas affected due to the Sun in the 10th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Sun in 10thhouse makes the native a valiant, highly skilled businessman, with highest recognition from the state. They will be well mannered, learned, and enterprising. They make successful entrepreneurs, and CEOs. These natives enjoy a great bond with their father and paternal relationships, relishes material comforts and wealth. The native will be a popular figure in media and entertainment biz. They will have influential contacts in their circle. Sun brings passion towards pious and saintly deeds. 

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Sun in tenth house results in troublesome health for one’s mother. They tend to lose hair early in life or have scanty hairline. Sometimes they might be separated from their siblings. Unintentionally indulge in ill deeds or immoral acts because of their business partners facing losses or legal issues. These natives remain highly focused on the career goals and targets, leaving less time for interpersonal problems. Sense of urgency to climb to the top step of the ladder makes family and friends feel left out even in the celebration of native’s accomplishments.