Sun In 11th House

Affluent idealists! - Placement of Sun in the 11th house though a moderate placement blesses good gains and wealth on natives. The 11th house reflects income gains, money in hand, and mental disposal of self towards progeny. It also shows the information on the fulfillment of desires or aspirations. Sun in the eleventh house is an average placement for the Sun, as the eleventh house is ruled by Saturn, who is inimical to Sun. If negatively afflicted, Sun can destroy the relationship of the native with his father and higher authority figures at work. The individuals with Sun in the eleventh house are kind, empathetic and compassionate. They are likely to be actively involved in humanitarian, charitable activities. They exhibit great organizational abilities and enjoy a happy and long life.


The native of Sun in the 11th house stands out from the crowd because of their magnetic aura and charm. They are born in royal or rich families and never face money issues. These individuals are extroverts, outspoken and adventurous in nature. They are the social butterflies in the group and one of the pleasing personalities in the friend's circle. An individual with Sun in the 11th House of their horoscope is very conscious about self-respect. They have deep faith in their powerful ideas to change the world into a better place. They believe in the power of goodness and happiness.


Individuals with Sun in 11th house lose temper at a whim and often suppress anger to yell out at unexpected moments. Though they tend to resort to silence, they can't hold that for long. If Sun is well placed, they can easily compromise and establish better understanding. In general, Sun in the eleventh house leaves things bone dry, including the social circle of the native. When in challenges, the natives might be able to find helpful resources, but they might not be in a state to help them. The native is most likely to be the eldest sibling. If he is not, they will strain relationships with their elder siblings.

Effects of Sun in the 11th House on Love/Relationship and Marriage

Sun in the 11th house blesses long-lasting marriage. They have an exciting love life with passion and intimacy. They remain loyal and caring towards their spouse and children. Long marital life with conjugal bliss and successful progeny results if malefic planets do not afflict the seventh house or seventh lord. When they assume the roles of elders in the house like parents in law, they always get into a confrontation mood and make the opposite party withdraw from the situation. If the individual were a woman, this surfaces challenges in joint family and throws awkward situations. If Sun is negatively afflicted, the native loses money or gains through alimony or through siblings via legal disputes. Sun in the eleventh house, when aspects the fifth house of creativity or children it results in bitter relationship with children or implies the incomplete or improper education of the children.

Effects of Sun in the 11th House on Career/Business and Finance

Sun's placement in the 11th house imparts energetic and self-motivated professional life. They never have to suffer for money or wealth. Sun in this house makes the native wealthy and takes over the family business. They will witness great success from the age of 23. Self-employment or entrepreneurship works better for these individuals. They will also have multiple professions other than the family business. Natives also shine well as food bloggers or travel bloggers. Sun in Labha Bhava gives support through many superior and influential contacts. Sun also gives lots of perks and privileges at work through promotions. Though chances of downfall or demotions are meager for these natives, betrayal through friends and peers might take a toll on their careers.