Sun in 12th House

Sun in the Twelfth House, Spiritual Persona! Sun in the 12th house signifies Spiritual illumination and unearthing of hidden problems. Everything of secretive nature is brought to limelight by the Sun in the 12th house. Sun may also trigger the character of being secluded or solitude. 12th house, the house of spirituality represents hidden talent, overseas settlement, mystical things, or unexplored dimensions of life.  Sun makes the native considerate and thoughtful. These individuals have the ability to establish a strong connection with the deeper realms of consciousness.

Sun in 12th House

Sun in 12th House Love and Relationship

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Sun in 12th House Marriage

The native remains in solitude or feel secluded very early in their childhood aspiring to find peace and spiritual realm. They tend to settle in the foreign lands in their final days of their life. The native’s relationship with the father or fatherly figure will be distant. The native often does things in his ego that brings embarrassment to the father. If Sun in the 12th house is afflicted, it results in difficult situations for the individuals like imprisonment, critical hospitalization, insomnia, and separation. Some natives suffer from addictions, constant suspicion or distrust on partner, and severe inferiority complex. Married native may face problems in begetting children. They may be in childless marriage for years. Success in progeny is also reliant on other planets aspecting Sun in this house. Sun may also result in sudden accidents or metabolic issues.

Sun in 12th House Career, Business and Finance

Sun in 12th house provides successful career as diplomat, embassy officials, or spiritual leaders. They can complete any assigned task with efficiency and a fail proof, viable plan. They have all the qualities to be the star performer. The native will be a dynamic popular spiritual leader, creative director, or fiction screenwriter. Or on the other extreme, can also be a warden in jail, psychologist, or doctor in an asylum. They will taste outstanding success and victory only at the old age. They will also settle overseas and flourish in spiritual pursuits. When sun is afflicted by 6th or 8th or 12th lord there could be imprisonment due to fraudulent activities. Financial status does not cut any ice with the natives, they remain unmoved with monetary status due to spiritual inclinations.

The areas affected due to the Sun in the 12th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Individuals with Sun in the 12th house are likely to be disciplined, follow all rules and regulations sternly. They are naturally capable of handling the most complex situations or reality of existence. Sun renders them a golden opportunity to elevate their spiritual growth. They show interest in making themselves better and contributing to making the society better. They never step back from battles. They make great success in career as sci-fi novel writers, as 12th house enables plunge into a fantasy dreamland. They are highly ambitious be it material life or spiritual life. They never express their unhappiness though they rarely feel sad, they tend to suffer in silence. Natives will attain fame due to their genuine good deeds and prudent acts.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Sun in 12th house makes the native an eccentric and self-centered. They always feel equal pressure pulling them from two conflicting desires. One thought pushes them to withdraw from the three-dimensional world and other thought drives them in opposite direction to bind with their family and society, neutralizing the idea of renunciation. This perpetual inner tussle makes them look unclear all the time or wander aimlessly. Sun makes them mentally unstable and may have squint or slanted eyes. They tend to suffer from stomach and eye ailments, and night blindness. These individuals may be not so religious and tend to go against the traditional family religion.