Sun in 3rd House

Sun in the Third house, Luminosity and Affluence. Sun in the 3rd House bestows victory in all dimensions of the native’s life path. This position grants affluent personality, Himalayan confidence, and creative communication skills. Their hop onto the great heights in politics or public services or powerful media like journalism. Third house is one of the auspicious positions from planet Sun. Third house speaks about communication, journeys, siblings, and the community at large, righty called House of communication. Sun in third house Success in every pursuit of the native, powerful political clout and aspirations are blessings from the Sun. Bad or weak placements of Sun can cause negative fame or dangers through siblings and exploitative connections.

Sun in 3rd House Love and Relationship

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Sun in 3rd House Marriage

The native with the Sun in their 3rd house is a faithful, devoted and understanding partner in their love relationships. Their social image and status could be of prime importance to the natives. They are usually very vocal about their needs and opinions. They easily win over relationships with their sweet talk. Good placements of Sun render support from siblings, cousins, and extended family as well. Infidelity issues might pop if the Sun is negatively afflicted. Marital life usually goes well with efforts of clear communication from the native. These natives often have twin babies. Actually, Sun in third house works well for male natives. Since the third house represents siblings and close friends, those relationships of these natives can break or make their life. If Sun is debilitated, their siblings may be mentally challenged or specially abled and live with the native.

Sun in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Sun in third house are naturally skilled in intellectual subjects like mathematics, science, or geography. They have a sharp and upright mind, coupled with high degree of pride. This pride might make them inimical among office peers or employees or even with help at home. These natives are born powerful commanders and clever in executing new ideas and plans. This makes them efficient spies or RAW agent. They shine better in defense or army line of services due to their natural discipline towards their duty and responsibilities. Sun makes them super successful in handling high pressure jobs and administrative endeavors or an actor with outstanding delivery of dialogues. Their communication skills pave way to climb the ladder in political sciences. Sense of superiority and ambition to rule over others bring challenges.

The areas affected due to the Sun in the 3rd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Positive influences of Sun include glorious and popular social life due to their skill of communication. They exhibit bravery and too much courage to take a head on with all the issues and obstacles that germinate in their life. They are naturally efficient in plotting and planning. Their discipline takes them places and makes then successful in every mode of their work. The natives are well supported by their siblings or cousins all their life. Sun in 3rd house also signifies the ability to be firm on negotiations, design strategic moves and super self-reliant. These natives will be very fond of traveling and exploring; also show keen interest in settling abroad.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Poor communication skills, often misconstrued and numerous tongue-in-cheek moments characterize major shortcomings of Sun in third house. The native of Sun in the third house is overpowered by courage and this bleeding courage often lead to a blinding realistic world shadowing their actual potential or capabilities. The native can be driven by pride and ego. This individual also faces challenges through their siblings and cousins or doesn’t normally receive any respect or support from them. There are opportunities that they may be played for a fool and exploited on a whim. Also, can be framed or tricked to be a scapegoat of someone else’s wrongdoing.