Sun In 6th House

BFF material! - The placement of the Sun in the 6th house of a horoscope is referred to as Ripu Hanta, Shatru Hanta or Shayari. Natives with Sun in the 6th house have an edge in every life situation and can easily win over enemies and be the best friends. The sixth house is one of the powerful placements for Sun. The sixth house represents health, the pursuit of self-improvement, wellness, and the ability to fight life's adversities. Natives with Sun in this bhava share a great bonding with their family and taste success in almost all aspects of life like Career, Health, Finance, and relationships. These natives navigate life with ease due to Sun's blessings.


Sun in the 6th house makes the native highly conscious about health, fitness, and friends. They make great friends due to their helpful nature and go to any lengths to help their friends. In all circumstances, the Sun helps them emerge victorious over their enemies. Sun imparts a strong personality and the ability to work arduously to achieve great positions at work. If Sun is in the 6th house with Jupiter in the 5th, 9th or 10th house, these natives become popular figures in law and legislature at the state or national level.


The negative placement of the Sun in the 6th house makes the native vulnerable to the enemies and easy it be conquered. The chances of winning cases in litigation or legal disputes become difficult. Harmful Sun in the sixth house of a horoscope primarily poses multiple adversities in the native's life. It diminishes the innate ability to fight infections and diseases and decreases immunity. This results in heavy medical expenses and staggered financial status. Poor Sun also leers the native towards loans and debts. They often seem to be drowning in unmanageable debts and financial crises and find it hard to settle these loans.

Effects of Sun in the 6th house on Love/Relationship and Marriage

Natives with Sun in the 6th house enjoys moderate family life. They usually relish a good bonding with parents and siblings. Regardless of the depth of love, love relationships might break and fail. These relationships also tend to be complex and polluted with overlap from friends or ends up having multiple partners. The bad placements of Sun make the native quarrelsome and easily frustrated due to the blind courage. Also causes bad health issues costing big on financial status and family life. Sun in this house adds way too much ego to the native, making them fall prey to falsehood and fake praises.

Effects of Sun in the 6th house on Career/Business and Finance

Sun in the 6th house brings accolades and admiration for the native's dedication and work. At the same time, it fetches jealousy and competitive peers, resulting in a harsh attitude as a boss or a leader. Their strong personality and perfectionist behaviour make them over demanding to their employees. They are highly passionate about work and duty conscious; they often turn snobbish and bossy. Thus, they should not be dominated or exploited for their work passion. They desire attention and social recognition. The native will be a learned scholar in sociology or political science. They tend to be successful professor mentoring minds if Jupiter is strong with Sun, proficient Police officers, or IAS. They can also fare well in the field of medical sciences like pharmacology and biochemistry. Finances can never be a challenge if the Sun is strong; however, it lands them in deep debt troubles if weakly placed. They should avoid overindulgence in lottery, speculation, share market or spend with friends.