Sun In 7th House

Partnerships and Popularity! - The placement of Sun in the 7th house affects a native’s behaviour and their marital life or business partnerships. 7th house, the house of partnerships, determines every aspect related to partnerships, co-existence, marital life, and physical relationships. Sun imparts a strong need for sharing, caring, and bonding in the natives. Sun represents the energy that manages the health and personality of the person. Sun influences attraction to the opposite sex, passion, sexual fantasies, and compatibility with partner. On the outlook, Sun in the seventh house does not work great for marital and love life. Confidence, great administrative quality, and self-respect are the positive attributes of these natives. The bad placement of Sun plays a spoilsport in the native’s marital life and business partnerships. Sun might affect their health, career, and finances regardless of their great potential.


Sun in 7th house makes native self-motivated, easy to socialise and perform well as a team player. Sun also rewards life energy to fight diseases and illness, keeping the native healthy all through. These natives are also quite popular in social life. They command huge respect and recognition from all sections of people they come across in their lives. They are religious and God-fearing. Sun in 7thhouse makes the native a great leader with empathy and compassion when afflicted by beneficial planets. They share a strong bond of warmth and affection with their peers and subordinates. These natives rise to a higher status than their father and family.


Sun in the 7th house makes the native wicked, quarrelsome, and short-tempered. Quirky desires for physical relationships make them desperately involve with multiple partners earning them disrespectful situations in society. Sun in the seventh house makes the native overcompensate for low self-esteem and try to push their authority and power on others. They tend to be furious and aggressive with people who challenge their egos. They get highly impulsive to prove their worth and go to extremities for satisfying their ego and authoritative behaviour.

Effects of Sun in the 7th house on Love/Relationship and Marriage

Since the 7th house represents married life, Sun in this house will have extreme effects, be it good or bad in the person’s married life. Good placement of Sun in the seventh house brings a beautiful, well-behaved partner from an affluent family or a spouse with good financial backing. The spouse will play a prominent role in the native’s professional success. The compatibility equation peaks and their marital bond actualise their dreams. Sometimes there could be a temporary separation from the partner. Bad placements can result in constant conflicts in marital life due to harsh natured spouses or the indifferences in their family status. It also causes issues with the father or paternal figures in the native’s life. Native may be a victim of betrayal or cheating through the spouse. There could be progeny challenges as well. Debilitated Sun will have failed marriage or illicit affairs with a widower. The health of the natives remains moderately strong; they might develop diabetes early in life.

Effects of Sun in the 7th house on Career/Business and Finance 

If Sun in the 7th house is exalted, the native will be respected and feared by others; these natives can perform well as politicians and other authoritative figures like judges or lawyers. They are naturally good administrators and prove well as excellent managers. They possess the natural will and the power to make people work. Sun positively influences finances, and the native may get money from government organisations. Partnership deals or businesses flourish, taking them to new professional heights. Sun in the 7th house also creates avenues for high-level government jobs. The bad placement of Sun can put natives in ugly litigations and defamation issues. Their confidence and pride also work the wrong way in this case. There could be huge monetary losses through bad business partnerships.