Sun in 8th House

Sun in eighth house, Mastery in managing uncertainty! The eighth house represents health, occult knowledge or hidden knowledge, secrecy, discreet business dealings, and confidential information. It also denotes sudden change of course in life, sudden injuries, and sudden happiness or sudden sadness. Sun in this eighth house makes the native a pro in occult and spiritual pursuits. They inherit popularity and wealth through their father. They thrive better in business ideas related to spirituality, salt, and physical fitness. They experience a massive transformation in financial and professional life at the age of 27. If mercury is aspecting Sun, the native could be a successful surgeon or astrologer. Weak Sun can result in short life span due to suicide or accidents or death due to irregular occult practices. When afflicted by malefic planets, Sun can result in imprisonment and death penalty.

Sun in 8th House

Sun in 8th House Love and Relationship

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Sun in 8th House Marriage

Love life may be exciting but will not be successful instead brings unpopularity and sadness to the native. Family situations will be supportive for the native to feel nurtured and happy. Parents of these natives are usually wealthy and readily helpful when they struggle financially. These natives secure a good financial status and stable career after the marriage. The native also receives wealth from property or marriage through inheritance by the in-laws. Married life will be choppy with ever increasing arguments and clashes due to the spiritual angle of view to the native. The spouse might be very pragmatic and remotely emotional about situations and the native being exact opposite. Sun in eighth house also causes dissatisfaction or disinterest in physical intimacy.  Or on the other hand, the native up having an illicit relationship.  

Sun in 8th House Career, Business and Finance

Career in spirituality or religious activities makes the natives success. These natives make great professional success as yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, or fitness instructors. Agriculture and fisheries also bring profitable finances. Native might start their career with low paying jobs and as they age, they grow financially and professionally as well. There will be a leap after the age of 30 or after marriage. Natives may also be seen actively indulged in liaison work with the government or government funded systems. Bad Sun may result in natives involving in illegal activities like smuggling or drug peddling. There could also be conflict with government agencies resulting in physical assault on the native.

The areas affected due to the Sun in the 8th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Most people perceive Sun in the 8th house as threat to the native’s father, on the contrary, the native’s horoscope if afflicted by beneficial planets rather helps the father experience material comfort and live a long, healthy life. Sun actually enables an affectionate and strong bond between the father and the offspring. These natives with Sun in the 8thhouse are very grounded and display emotional maturity early in life. They shy away from public display of emotions. Natural inclination towards occult subjects, spirituality and hidden knowledge is seen. This leads them to work very closely with educational institutions or self-improvement organisations. They also love travelling and enjoy a nomadic life. Sun affects the longevity of the native. These natives enjoy a comfortable lifestyle when they get to their middle age.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Since the 8th house rules health and well-being, natives with Sun in this house may often sustain minor injuries. Preferably they tend to get injured in public gatherings and government meetings like election campaign rallies, political and religious processions. Another downside to this position of Sun in eighth house is bribery and imprisonment due to bribe. Or remote challenges like penalty or fine. Native may exhibit a continued fear of health. They may suffer from blindness, defective eyes or phobias or mental stress. In the physical system, the 8th House corresponds to the lowest part of the trunk, bad placement of sun might cause health risks in lower abdominal area, renal system, and reproductive organs.