Sun In 9th House

Keen on the mystery of life! - The 9th house or Dharma Bhava reflects one’s religious instinct, good karma, righteousness, morality, and values. The presence of Sun in the 9th house makes the native inclined towards learning a foreign language or research on foreign culture. The person could also show charitable and virtuous dispositions backed with a spiritual and religious bent of mind. Sun in this house helps the native claim respect, dignity, and fame in foreign lands. On the other hand, weak placement can make the native imprudent, restless and lead unethical lives.


The native is highly action-oriented and thoughtful in every step of life. Sun in this house blesses affluence, wealth and command or light in the native’s words. Sun also blesses the inheritance of legacy from forefathers. These natives adhere to moral grounds and hold values and this close to their hearts. They constantly ooze zeal and curiosity to discover the mysteries of life through a spiritual path. They lean towards the path or choices of harmony and peace; they do not like fights and confrontation. They are quite generous and are very likable in their social circle. They share a healthy bond with friends and acquaintances, and people also reciprocate the same warmth to them.


The most common downside to this placement is that they only see the good things in people and get blinded by their goodness. They often fail to construe their flaws and tend to be easily conned by them. They also require continuous acknowledgment of their positivity towards life and good deeds. This causes too much weightage on others’ opinions and shatters their goodwill when they don’t acknowledge it. Some people are too hung up on self-righteousness and values that, in turn, hinder their growth. Other than issues in a social circle, this also snatches away their peace of mind. Natives might also go through a tough time through the inheritance of ancestral properties.

Effects of Sun in the 9th house on Love/Relationship and Marriage

These natives show a keen interest in education and linguistics. Sun in the 9th house makes it difficult to break the ego or ideologies of the native. They will be hell-bending or set in their own beliefs that often cause disagreements with their fathers or gurus. Sun in this house does not bless success in love relationships. They tend to have a suspicious eye on their partner while in love. This contributes to love life mishaps. If the fifth lord is in the ninth Sun or Sun is the fifth lord, the native relocates to foreign lands and tends to marry a foreigner. In general outlook, these natives marry a brilliant and elegant personality for a spouse. They will be blessed with intelligent sons. The native will be very attached and devoted to their spouse & children. If Sun is weak, the native happens to be in illicit relationships within the family or goes through a terrible ego tussle with the spouse. Also, loses inherited property or comforts earned through ancestors in litigation.

Effects of Sun in the 9th house on Career/Business and Finance

Sun in the 9th house makes the native a hard worker and earns fame or wealth through their sweat and blood. The native thought might belong to a wealthy family by birth will never hesitate to make a life of their own. They will be successful in multiple business models and entrepreneurship endeavors. Substantial wealth comes through government resources like tender or sponsorships. Sun in this house gives success in Law & Justice, administration, and medicine. They are likely settling abroad and managing business in foreign lands. Their natural inclination towards foreign culture and language pays off with business opportunities. However, being too aligned with value systems and morality makes them strict or inflexible. Natives of the Sun in the 9th house are not benevolent in cases of donations or charity. They are lousy workers at ground level but put on a great show while taking credits.