Sun In Aquarius

Eccentric and Unconventional! Sun in Aquarius is a problematic position for Sun. Aquarius is a fixed airy sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn, an airy planet, shares a negative relationship with Sun, a fiery planet. Both Aquarius and Saturn are airy. The energy from these fans the flames of the fiery Sun. Saturn is the guiding planet for Sun in this placement. These natives are eccentric, unconventional, and rebellious in nature. They are also short-tempered and struggle to maintain personal hygiene. These individuals will be typical misers and pretty much frugal with their finances. Despite this streak of eccentricity, these people are well-liked by everyone. Their ideas are quite advanced, putting others' needs ahead of theirs. This makes them great humanitarian souls and great leaders if given an opportunity. Such natives are powerful team players and possess good leadership skills. 

These individuals with Sun in Aquarius are emotional people and have an innate understanding of how the human emotional mind works. They are quite honest and outspoken in both personal life and professional life. These people attach too much value to friendships. They are capable of forming brilliant communities and dissipating Sun's self-centric nature. On the contrary, if Saturn is negatively afflicted, these natives lack compassion and cause disharmony or dispute with people. They will be unhappy with their spouse and children. They might not feel responsible towards their own family. 

These natives are different from the crowd, and they have trouble mingling with others at a party. Regardless of great understanding about human emotions, they tend to keep to themselves and stay far from emotional attachment. They are often impersonal and do not show their emotions and feelings publicly. They are misconstrued in society due to the Sun being suppressed by Saturn. They have an unconventional way of handling things. If Saturn is ill-placed and affects Sun, the natives lock horns with good-natured people due to their low self-esteem and ego. This damaged ego results in bad judgements and provides difficult situations to be humble. For the cancer ascendants, this placement of the Sun indicates the death in its Mahadasha or Antardasha.