Sun in Cancer Sign

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer Sign, Intuitive and Charming! Sun in Cancer sign is an auspicious placement. Cancer is a water sign ruled by Moon. Moon a feminine watery planet shares a friendly relationship with Sun, a fiery masculine planet. Despite contradictory energies, these planets balance out each other and nurture the native like how a mother and father function. These natives are easy-going and honorable in nature. They tend to be in successful careers with water-related jobs, shipping or logistics or performances intended for the general public. They show natural affinity towards water and are likely to stay close to the water frequently. The native might inherit property and wealth from their parents especially mother. They are imaginative and possess great manifesting abilities to bring their dreams into reality.

Natives with Sun in Cancer are virtuous and follow a pious path in their life. They tend to abide by every moral principle in place. They will be charming, elegant and possess a magnetic aura. They also show passion towards activities related to water and space. They perform better as physicists as well. They can be successful movie stars depending upon the placement of other planets in their chart. These individuals are amazingly intuitive in nature and are literally human lie detectors. Their intuition is their armor. Their emotional stability makes others feel deeply drawn to them.

If the moon is debilitated, the native’s married life could be unsatisfactory and vague. They might also overindulge in intoxicating drinks. Due to influence in this placement, the native could house a wavering mind. Their indecisiveness is evident especially in relationship matters. They struggle to enjoy life, or the comforts associated with having a partner. They avoid sudden changes rather than handling them. They might have problems related to “kapha” or the water element in their body. They hate confrontations face to face; in relationships these natives are the ones who break up via text.

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