Sun In Capricorn

Persistent and Critical! Sun in Capricorn sign is an average placement. Capricorn is a movable earthy sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn, an airy planet, shares a negative relation with Sun, a fiery world. Though Saturn, in reality, doesn’t always produce malefic results, as a guiding planet in this sign, its placement in the horoscope decides it all. If Saturn is strong or cancels malefic relationship with Sun, the native enjoys a great life with high grounds of morality. These natives are deep thinkers, severe and ambitious. There exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Regardless of Capricorn native’s reserved nature, Sun in this sign makes them flashy and jazzy. Patience is one of the strong suits of this placement since it is known that Saturn only delays, not denies, they inherit this attribute through Saturn. Having said that, these individuals, through working hard and dreaming big, take their course of time to achieve those. 

There is a good chance that the native may be active in politics or social or community work with this placement. Through Saturn, they continue to learn and evolve throughout their life. Deep down, they believe that there is a lesson in every life experience. They take their career or entrepreneurship very serious. They tend to approach work most sincerely. They bring integrity and morality to the platter making these natives loyal and trustworthy. They maintain integrity not only with the leaders also with their subordinates. Even in marital life, they are the most loyal ones. However, if malefic planets afflict the Sun, these natives will possess an inherent desire for illicit affairs and sinful pleasures. 

They fight off adversities in life with their integrity and patience. These natives worked hard but had to wait longer than usual to get the desired results or to achieve their ambitions. If the Moon aspects Sun in this placement, the natives will be gentle, timid and interested in women. These individuals will face financial losses through women and are likely to be lonely all their life. Sun in Capricorn aspects fourth sign of Cancer resulting in poor parental nurture and stressful domestic situations.