Sun In Gemini

Intellectual Leaders! Sun in Gemini sign is a positive placement. Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury is neutral to Sun. This brings dual power to the native, best from both the planets- Sun and Mercury- Leadership and Intellect. Sun in Gemini gives strong communicative skills and undefeated power to persuade people, making them Alpha intellectual leaders.

Intellect and logic-driven decisions are the strong suits of individuals with this planetary placement. They are great scholars, mathematicians, and research scientists. They are always up for a challenging debate. They will be outstanding personalities in the field of their choice. Their naturally calculative mind helps them do well in business mathematics like accounts and finance. They also make successful astrologers or psychics. The native with Sun in Gemini has a deeply rooted urge to express themselves. These natives are adaptable to changing environments and make great friends in their lifetime. They often have a massive social circle and the life of every party.

Native's academic proficiency will be top-notch, with their mind power enabling them to score well in several subjects at once. Sometimes these natives go through a rough emotional phase in their childhood. Their father might be poor or be married more than once, leaving the child growing up in more than one home. For Leo Ascendants, the Sun at this sign works great for the father and his financial status.

Though they are popular among friends and can socialize better in all types of atmospheres, they do not feel close to anyone. They lack the flavour of intimacy or warmth. Since their mind is always dissecting and researching every little thing about life, they struggle to acknowledge true love and shoo them away with their intellect. It is difficult for them to fathom their feelings, and they don't prefer to share their inner self with anyone. The common saying, Jack of all and master of none, fits right for them. Knowing too much also makes them restless and nervous. They tend to suffer from panic and nervous disorders.