Sun In Leo

Heroic and Mindful! Sun in Leo sign is an auspicious and comfortable placement for Sun. Royal planet Sun is placed in its own self-centred, loyal fiery sign, Leo. When placed in its own sign, Sun derives strength and naturally doubles up on significant traits related to itself like soul, physical constitution, vitality, relationship with father, and authority. According to Saravali, Sun in Leo natives are fond of expeditions, love the wilderness, and are environment enthusiasts. These natives are driven by competitiveness, courage, and adventure. These individuals share a great bond of love and care with their father and leaders at work. They successfully manage to bring positivity and diligence in every aspect of their life. They will be invincible in achieving their goals and earning a great reputation in public. If the ascendant is also connected to Leo, these natives make excellent lightworkers and great spiritual service. It also blesses generosity and politeness.

These natives are inclined towards heroic acts and noble acts. They are capable of leading revolutionary activities and always stand by righteousness. They do not tolerate unjust acts. They tend to earn loads of wealth and fame in life. Sun also ensures great wealth aspects and a prosperous future. They outperform everyone in areas relating to government or administration. Since Sun is the natural ruler of self or self-identities, it inflates the self-awareness and inherent urge for the spotlight when placed in its sign.

Native is fueled by competitive nature and always emerges a winner in all competition. This makes them instantly give into anger, selfish and self-centred at times. These natives are also very talkative and blow their own trumpet due to excessive pride imparted by the exalted Sun. These individuals are the worst enemies; they do not stop until the opposition is destroyed. They like to be perceived only as “good person” and try too hard for this. When the image or status gets affected, they go to lengths to reinstate their good personal image. Overall, this is a positive placement for Sun and bestows king like stature on its natives.