Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra, Scandalous and Envious. On general outlook, Sun in Libra is not a great placement for Sun. Libra is an airy sign ruled by Venus who is a feminine watery planet. Venus is inimical to Sun and the Sun gets debilitated in the Libra sign. These natives lack natural charisma and always are seen operating backstage or behind the camera. They tend to suffer from social anxiety and incur contempt of power or authority. Unique, self-entered Sun in Libra feels out of place and the spotlight slipping away. Debilitation can be cancelled if powerful trine or combination is formed. They may be greatly successful working behind the scenes and for social causes. 

Speculative business and trading give successful career for these natives. They are highly motivated to push their own limitations for materialistic success. Sun makes the native less likely to come across as a pleasing personality. They are seen as individuals with a lot of frustrations in life. Heavy unnecessary expenses often burn their pocket. In marital life, they find it hard to coexist with their partners. They are too busy handling their frustrations and find it hard to spare time for life partner or family members. If Venus is well placed, the native can save their marriages from going into the drain. One of the significant reasons of these failures or frustrations is that they are too selfish or unrighteous in pursuing their dreams. 

With Sun being debilitated it signifies fall of purity of the soul or morality, this paves way for indulging in immoral or sinful acts to make money. These natives are jealous and hostile. This placement of Sun also results in lack of immunity, poor willpower and unpopular. They tend to have an overactive salivary glands or watery mouth. At work, they are often put in situations where they perform for others’ job and responsibilities. Still struggle to get recognized by leaders. They must put double efforts only to reap least fame.

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Sun

If the Sun’s debilitation is cancelled and if the cancellation results in a powerful yoga it is called Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Sun. It mitigates the negative effects listed above and converts them to enhanced positive ones making the individual affluent entrepreneur.