Sun In Pisces

Hospitable and Wealthy! Sun in Pisces placement is a favourable position in Vedic Astrology. Pisces is a dual, watery sign ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter shares a friendly relationship with Sun. So, Sun in the Pisces sign brings a lot of positive results. The guiding planet is Jupiter in this scenario, and the position of Jupiter plays an essential role in accelerating the Sun in this sign. Individuals with this placement of Sun are friendly, wealthy, and influential. They relish the luxury of being a landlord or a boss with servants' comfort and help. Despite their rich status, they are humble and hospitable. They make great friends and inspire relatives. Male natives with Sun in Pisces tend to be fond of women companions. These natives inherit wealth and popularity through their families. They will be educated and intellectual. Their education and intuition help them succeed par excellence in all their endeavours. They are reflective about everything they do. These natives are sensitive to external emotions and quickly diagnose changes in one's feelings or behaviour.

Generally, these natives earn immense wealth through the water element like shipping, logistics or marine. These natives are known to be workaholics and intense. They care a great deal about their status and dignity in society. They also make great financial benefits through overseas transactions or business deals. Some natives shine in the field of astrology. Sun in this sign makes the native famous in politics and become a member of the legislative assembly as well. They have a happy married life. They are very adaptable and flexible in relationships. Pisces is the most romantic and selfless lover in relationships. In addition, Jupiter adds a good share of kindness and empathy. They share a great friendship with their close circle of friends. 

Their workaholic nature leads to mental distress often. This also results in hidden enemies and disputes. These enemies surface due to jealousy and tend to attack them secretly. If Jupiter is weakly placed, Sun in Pisces makes the native moody and quite emotional. They have a hard time expressing their feelings. They are highly reliant on others' opinions, and the simplest criticism also affects them a lot.