Sun In Sagittarius

Royal and Philosophical! Sun in Sagittarius is a favourable placement. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, who shares a friendly relationship with Sun. This means that the guiding planet is Jupiter and holds the power to accelerate the optimistic effects of the Sun. Sun in Sagittarius is in the fifth house from its own sign, Leo, and the fifth house is one of the trine houses with luck, success, and speculative gains. The individual with Sun in Sagittarius is a pious, gentle, and philosophical personality. These beings are endowed with the increased capability of eloquence in speech. These natives are likely to be learned scholars, honourable persons with plenty of wisdom and intelligence. Sun in this auspicious position also blesses a limitless appetite for knowledge and intellect. Natives will be inclined towards learning Vedas, religious scripture, medicine, and spiritual techniques. They cherish financial independence and are blessed with wealth and powerful family lineage. They will be powerful and service-minded people.

Natives with Sun in Sagittarius perform well as lawyers, bankers, and administrators. They are trustworthy and stand for social equality. These individuals are straightforward and mostly unrefined in their talks. They do not like to sugar-coat. They will be naturally proficient in using weapons and machinery. Natives are very philosophical in their approach and might become famous for their discoveries and theories. They love the outdoors and freedom-loving. These individuals tend to earn immense wealth in their life and live life, king size. Their physical system and looks also matches their royal charismatic personality. They have broad shoulders and tall stature.

On the contrary, if Jupiter and Sun are ill-placed, this combination misguides the ego and self-awareness. They tend to perceive themselves as superior to others. These natives often get into trouble because of blunt talk, especially with relatives. They feel peer pressure from their friends and relatives. If Jupiter is negatively afflicted or ill-placed, the natives become socially distant or withdrawn and inflexible.