Sun In Scorpio

Competence and Complexity! Sun in Scorpio is an auspicious placement. Scorpio is a fixed watery sign ruled by Mars. Planet Mars shares a friendly relationship with Sun. This means that the guiding planet for this placement is Sun, and the more potent Mars is, the stronger the positive outcomes are. In addition, Sun in this sign is the fourth from own sign, Leo; this is an auspicious quadrant house that blesses luxuries, material comforts, real estate, and peace of mind. Natives with Sun in Scorpio are violent, rude, and fond of war or fights. They are very intense in nature; they show utmost passion in pursuing their dreams and career goals. They often indulge in researching the deepest or darkest secrets of life and make successful careers as RAW agents or detectives. 

Sun in Scorpio also directly influences Taurus sign of wealth or gains. This indicates that the natives will have a strong foundation for wealth accumulation. They also live in huge, comfortable houses. They love to be dangerous and unpredictable and play rough in every game. If the planets are positively afflicted, these natives make revolutionary and most competent leaders. Also, when Mars is strong, it ensures that the natives use their competence and power righteously. 

If Malefic planets afflict mars or Sun, the native could be an anti-social element like an arms dealer or a thug. They resort to abusing others physically and mentally, even for the simplest things. The extreme undignified measure is their answer to get everything they like. Though this is a good placement for Sun, it doesn’t work well for spouses and marriage. If they find a compatible partner who could keep up with their intensity, their marriage sustains and vice versa if the life partner is timid or vulnerable. When they are emotional, they are unmanageable. Their emotions burst out of proportion because Scorpio is a watery sign and Sun is a hot fiery planet causing an unexpected explosion of emotions.