Sun In Taurus

Dominant and Possessive! Sun in Taurus is not the best placement for Sun since Taurus is an earthy sign ruled by Venus, who is inimical to Sun. Venus is a watery feminine planet, while Sun is a fiery masculine planet. Due to these substantial differences, the placement of the Sun in Taurus is considered not so positive in Vedic Astrology. 

Nonetheless, these natives are good-looking, humble, and astute. They possess inborn talents in arts such as singing, dance or music. They could be a professional artisan or an expert in music. These individuals are usually wealthy through their father or speculative gains. They love the elite lifestyle and tend to make a lot of money through stocks or savings. They are highly cautious with their financial status or money. They are self-reliant and rigid with their ideologies. They love the comfort of life and hate panic modes. Their sense of security is backed with financial strength, which keeps them hard-working towards the financial safety net. They own pets or love animals and are kind to the animal world. 

They are prone to dental problems and emotional outbursts. They are highly possessive people in love relationships. They feel the urge to call the shots in the relationships. This causes hiccups in love relationships and results in space/ distance between the couple. Though they seem confident and self-dependent, deep down, they are tirelessly looking for a helping hand and shoulder to lean on. They can never resolve differences with friends or family. They have a strong judgment of their own, stopping them from using their skills at the appropriate time to take the right steps in life. Malefic Sun can make the native indecisive. Regardless of their image as productive and bright, they tend to be easy bait. They could be cynical of every little thing and fall prey to this uncertainty when times are staggered. There could be dangers through water or water-related things for this native.