Sun In Virgo

Strategic and Cognitive skills! Sun in Virgo sign. Virgo is an earthy sign with dual nature ruled by Mercury. Mercury shares a neutral relationship with Sun, a fiery masculine planet. The placement of the Sun in this sign is neither bad nor good. It makes the native polite, well-mannered, and analytical. These individuals with this placement of Sun in their horoscope are highly intellectual, disciplined and learned. Sun in Virgo blesses the natives with a strong communication ability and highly cognitive mind. If Mercury is exalted, the native could be a pro in music, dance or other art forms. They will play musical instruments and have a sweet voice. These individuals also have sharp facial features, glowing skin like a pearl. 

Classics in Astrology mentions that the natives with Sun in Virgo will be super skilled in publishing, writing, and translation works. They will be an expert in media, both print and digital media. They will be keen on choosing writing as their primary career. Other than writing, astronomy and professions associated with mathematics are also influential for these natives. They love participating in debates. In other words, they love arguing or confronting people. These people have a natural affiliation towards Vedic knowledge or Vedic astrology. Exalted Sun also makes the native an expert in machinery and automobiles, and you can often find natives with Sun in Virgo skilful in remodelling cars or bikes. Mercury and Sun also make the native levelheaded, organised and punctual. Overall, this is a good placement for Sun. 

These natives are argumentative and perfectionists due to Mercury. This is very demanding to peers and family members. They are very particular about money and spending. If Mercury or Sun is debilitated, the native might incur many delinquent loans and debts. They tend to be highly critical