Venus in 11th House

Venus in Eleventh House – Heightened Sensuality, Deep Desires for material & luxury! Venus in Eleventh House makes the native social butterflies and excellent hosts. The 11th House in Vedic Astrology represents general fulfilment of desires, social circle, professional skills, and income. It also indicates retirement, pension wealth, or time with friends. Eleventh house belongs to the triangle of desires or wishes- Kama Trikona. Venus resonates adequately well in this house since it also represents luxury, exotic lifestyle, and wealth. Presence of Venus in this house also demonstrates that the native might have deep desires for seductive pleasures. Venus in this house impacts sensuality, professional life, and social circle of the native. 

Venus in 11th House

Venus in 11th House Love

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Venus in 11th House Marriage

When Venus is dignified in this house, the native fulfils their desired needs in ethical ways and explore their physical needs with their spouse. This creates a foundation for the long-lasting and pleasant relationship. On the contrary, weak or undignified Venus can make the native choose secretive ways to achieve their desires defeating the purpose of marriage. When they find a spouse or partner who keeps up with their capacity to be imaginative and adventurous, they maintain a happy marital life for years. When they spouse restricts or does not heed to their quirky needs, they break free from their marital bond, this is well determined through the strength of Venus in this house of the chart. Undignified Venus also makes them too dramatic for real life, they behave like they are on-screen or on-stage all the time. 

Venus in 11th House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Venus in tenth house explore their creativeness and physical body like fitness or movements to its core creating opportunities to shine as ballet dancers, choreographers, or mime. They will have strong and swift limbs that promote great sense of body and balance. Eleventh house represents the bond and closeness to the native’s partner sometimes their business partners which is highly reliant on strength of Venus in the eleventh house. These natives make great connections or contacts in communities and social groups.  Eleventh house being the powerhouse of sixth house, it also indicates the foes or opposition of the native. Strong Venus brings great wins in litigations and weak Venus brings litigation issues. these natives make great gains and wealth through their life partners, they could also inherit business ventures through them.

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 11th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Venus in the eleventh house always finds and excels making strong alliances with influential people. These natives are strong and fight efficiently when it comes to defending their opinions. These natives are sociable people and are part of numerous social groups. Their artistic or creative pursuits also brings elite friends and contacts. Their artistic endeavours often lead them into exotic lifestyle and their passion for art lands them exquisite job roles. Their life is well supported and balanced by their spouses. When Venus is dignified and powerful, the native controls their deep cravings and persist ethical grounds while fulfilling their desires. Strength of Venus also demonstrates the native’s ability to gratify the opposite gender.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

These natives display a calculated emotional response in both personal and professional life. They always prefer to plan ahead and lack spontaneity. They also show signs of hypocritical behaviour in relationships. They are too shrewd to avoid the appearance of posing or hide the need for approval. They are constantly piling up desires or wishes and hardly can shut down their mind. Their emotional response is cold as ice when they dislike a person, and they play super unapproachable to them. It very difficult to talk them into doing anything out of their comfort zone yet they persuade people to do so only for their selfish desires. These natives dramatise every emotional experience of theirs to the hilt.