Venus in 12th House

Venus in Twelfth House – Truthful, Humble, and influential in the community! Twelfth house is a precarious situation for a delicate planet like Venus since this house denotes everything Venus is not, isolation, sudden events or changes, and salvation. 12thouse in Vedic Astrology is called the ‘House of mystery’ it denotes hidden talents, hidden powers, and settling overseas, sudden losses like theft or death. Twelfth house belongs to the Moola Trikona, and Venus, if strong, can resonate well in this house. Presence of Venus in this house defines unrealistic or hypothetical desires and expectations in aspect of the native's life. 

Venus in 12th House

Venus in 12th House Love

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Venus in 12th House Marriage

The natives of Venus in the twelfth house will be attractive and magnetic in their looks. They build fantasies or dreams regarding their marital relationships. These native either finds a marital partner in foreign lands or tends to get settled in overseas after marriage. These natives are keen on physical intimacy and sense of emotional security at the same time. The natives are usually secretive about their love relationships. They avoid public display of affection or acknowledging their love in front of people. Venus in this house makes the native show their pure love and concern on their spouse by buying them richest things. Some fluctuations are seen on their expression since they are not great at managing stress or mood swings. Strong Venus bestows fun filled parties, wealth, and exotic vacations with their family. Weak Venus can lead to loss of money through legal separation or litigation issues. It can also make the native lose money through sinful acts or addictive habits.  

Venus in 12th House Career, Business and Finance

Venus in the twelfth house represents great amounts of creativity and artistic talents by birth. These natives can be successful profound scriptwriters, artists, or sculptors. They may be involved business ventures related to animals rearing animals or leather products. Venus also signifies creative imagination associated with spirituality. Since twelfth house is all about losses or sacrifice, they native might disassociate from their ample wealth and opt for simpler lifestyle. If Venus in this house allies with Rahu or Saturn or Mars, the native indulge in different addictions like alcohol, drug, or physical intimacy. This also result in native choosing business ideas like smuggling or narcotic dealing or other illegal acts. Twelfth house also denotes sacrifices, strong Venus in this house denotes that the native sacrifice their wealth or assets for the goodness of society or people. 

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 12th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Dignity of Saturn and 12thhouse lord are important in determining the positive outcomes of this placement. Strong Mars in addition to 12thhouse lord extends the auspicious results of Venus in this house. These natives will be pious and respectable in the community. They will have numerous friends and acquaintances. They are fond of isolation, yet their aura is powerful and charismatic that attracts people. They are generous individuals who can help large communities and masses live a better life. In Bhavat Bhavam technique, 12thhouse is deeply connected to 11thhouse of large networks, communities, and fulfilment of desires. Venus in this scenario makes the native fond of enthralling and entertaining masses.  

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Natives of Venus in the twelfth house have deep desire for physical pleasure and extravagance. These natives lead a third angle in their wedded life or love relationship. They are callous to emotions and sentiments. These natives can be easily addicted to intoxicating substances and sinful habits. They cannot handle stress or even slightest pressing factor lures them towards some sort of intoxication. They also tend to have a constant sense of dissatisfaction regardless of their strong monetary position or luxurious standard of living. These natives are generally non reliable and non-dependable, due to their negligible tolerance levels.