Venus in 2nd House

Venus in the Second House – Beautiful Voice, Sharp Facial features, and Family Values. Venus in Dhan Bhava is a good placement. Venus in second house natives enjoy splendid wealth, power, and popularity. Second House in Vedic Astrology represents immediate family, assets, family values and business. It also indicates possessions of luxurious or valuable things, vocal talent, and throat area i.e ability to converse, ability, as the second house represents the throat. Presence of Venus in this house accentuates all the above mentioned traits in the native’s life. Venus creates impact on these arenas of life- finance & wealth, attitude towards comforts, and approach towards family & life.

Venus in 2nd House

Venus in 2nd House Love

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Venus in 2nd House Marriage

These natives will be glorious and relish the company of beautiful people. They will be blessed with plenty of luxurious articles and artifacts in the life. As the second house denotes mouth and Venus represents fine things, these natives spend a lot of money on exotic food, fine dining. Their poetically persuasive nature attracts opposite sex. They attract beautiful life partner and marry quite late in their life since they will be busy enjoying life with opposite sex in their prime life. They also receive great gains through spouse. With strong Venus in this house, the native continues their family lineage or family pride.  The natives will be attached to the family and go any extreme to ensure their protection.

Venus in 2nd House Career, Business and Finance

Native of Venus in the second house are fond of collecting exotic jewellery and gemstones, they also make successful business ventures in jewellery making and selling gemstones. Venus is usually about wants over needs. This results in native spending wealth in simply collecting exotic stuff or articles of luxury. The native is seen obsessed with collecting assets or finances. As they collect, they reroute money in various paths to multiply to form a strong financial foundation. Venus in the second house represents the throat or mouth, this signifies a grand career of singing in a rock band, public speaking, coaching, or teaching. It also enhances their ability to sell, market or advertise. They are eloquent and resourceful.

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 2nd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Venus in this house will have strong financial foundation and their speech radiates love and kindness. Venus represents art, literature, and poetry, these natives with Venus in the second house will be of mellifluous voice. They will be popular singers or speakers. Their pleasant voice makes them elegant conversationalists as Venus also represents elegance. They are keen on fine and rich things, making them constantly look for classy, rich lifestyle. And the best part is that in all likelihood they always get what they desire. They will love life with all its affluent pleasures. Positive placement of Jupiter, Mercury and second house lord are critical in determining the results of Venus in this house. Venus in the second house also indicates that the native will be too concerned about their looks and may go through cosmetic surgeries to continue looking beautiful and young.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

People with Venus in second house are all about looks and beauty. They even go under knife to keep them handsome and charismatic. These natives are good at spending money that often they may spend extravagantly on unnecessary things just because they wanted to. This can land them into financial troubles that causes loss of articles they collected or bought with all their heart. They are always keen on material aspects of life and always look for what they can get over what they could contribute. Their emotional security and satisfaction are directly proportional to their materialistic gains and growth. They are also seen attracted for external physical beauty and often are deceived by looks.