Venus in 3rd House

Venus in the Third House – Soft Spoken, Fortunate siblings, Ambitious & Overpowering Spouse! Venus in the third house natives are super successful, determined, and put persistent efforts in both personal and professional life. Venus in third house natives enjoy great familial bond and sibling relationship. The 3rd House in Vedic Astrology represents relationships, short distance travels, sibling relationships, networking skills, speaking ability and the way we respond to surroundings. In the physical system, the shoulders, arms, and hands denote this house. Presence of Venus in this house elevates traits associated with the third house. Venus creates impact on these arenas of life- Relationships and marital bonding along with communication with creativity.

Venus in 3rd House

Venus in 3rd House Love

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Venus in 3rd House Marriage

Since third house belongs to the triangle of desires, Venus in this house can bring a spouse with high expectations and demands. It also indicates a wealthy spouse and great wealth accumulation after their arrival into the native’s life. They prefer to keep their love relationships smooth and clutter-free. They avoid confrontations and heated arguments at all costs. On the contrary, weak Venus can make the native attract a spouse who is deceptive, secretive, and ungrateful about the marriage. They face detachment or legal separation from their partners. If the third house lord is placed in malefic house like 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native might be deprived of siblings or struggle with emotional challenges through siblings.

Venus in 3rd House Career, Business and Finance

Natives with Venus in the Third house gives a magnificent career associated with their powerful vocal chord/ sweet voice. Third house denotes skills, hobbies and interests, Venus in this aspect bestows success in fields of modelling, fashion industry, designing domains like interior designing or jewellery designing. They could also excel in sports or dancing. They go on multiple short work-related travels. Their wealth and finances enrich the native’s interest and comfortable life. If Strong Venus is affected by malefic association the native might reach their goals through fraudulent or scamming acts. When Venus is debilitated, the native feels too tied up in their comfort zone and fails to take action or initiate tasks that often stumbles them at workplace. They do not like to work hard, finds it hard to cope with sudden changes.

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 3rd House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Natives with Venus in third house are expressive, generous, and diplomatic. Positive placement of Mars, Mercury and third house lord in the chart determines the fullest outcome of Venus in this house. Third house Venus casts its impact on ninth house of fortune, morality, and Dharma. The deep desire to communicate and establish truth in every aspect of life makes them well connected to the source of higher wisdom. They love to keep their immediate surroundings happy and peaceful. They possess natural admiration for language, culture, and tradition related to arts and literature. Sibling relationship is the pinnacle of this placement, these natives enjoy fortunate and emotionally enriched bond with their siblings, especially younger ones. They may have more than two siblings and are well respected by them

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Third house is sometimes considered as the house of hardships, where valour and courage only help the natives excel beyond expectations. This could make them irrational when it comes to arguments. Though Venus softens this behaviour, it usually finds expression in heated discussions. They also tend to play mind games, mind simulation tactics with others that often questions their credibility. With their over confidence, they form multiple love relationships only to tank even the potential partners. They also do not put too many thoughts on these relationships and consciously stay away from forming strong attachments.