Venus in 7th House 

Venus in the Seventh House – Passionate, Attractive, and Expert Entrepreneurship! Venus in the seventh house is a good combination that bestow blissful marital life filled with passion and grace. 7th House in the Vedic Astrology signifies marriage, business or legal partnerships also rules native’s fame and popularity. Presence of Venus promotes well-being and passion in the native. These natives show great understanding and sympathy in their relationships. Venus impacts relationship, partnerships, and love life of the native. 

Venus in 7th House

Venus in 7th House Love

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Venus in 7th House Marriage

Natives with this placement will be blessed with good looking partners and are known for their high-end, exotic lifestyles. If Venus is weak, they may choose an older partner who could be domineering and arrogant. Venus in this house dominates the love life or marital life of the native since both Venus and this house both rule marital relationships of the native. The intriguing nature in the native might result in challenges every now and then. This impact is improved in a positive way if Venus is friendly with the ruler of the sixth or twelfth house. Such natives experience blissful and smooth married life. Venus in this seventh house plays a vital role in fostering native’s relationships and parenthood. Strong Venus do not hurt or betray their loved ones for their own interest and show deep respect for their spouses. Natives with this combination have all characteristics of a good maternal chord and wife. 

Venus in 7th House Career, Business and Finance

Native of Venus in the seventh house can be successful attorneys or administrative officers in law & legislature, professional matchmaker, or interior decorator. The spouse of the native will be the one who brings balance or harmony in the native's life. Natives with Venus in this house possess an inherent dream to launch or establish start-ups of their creative ideas. These natives are naturally inclined in forming legal ties and entrepreneurial relationships. They have expert negotiation skills, and their ideas are beneficial in the realms of partnerships, entrepreneurship, and legal expertise. Strong Venus aids success in women related products like feminine hygiene or fashion.  Seventh house is connected to tenth house in Bhavat Bhavam technique and Venus in this house influences the native’s public status, rank, and achievements. If Venus is associated with malefic planets the natives face loss through marriage, partnerships, and through friends. They will be ungrateful for the wealth they inherit through family which they eventually lose in unsuccessful business deals. 

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 7th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

Seventh house is the powerhouse of the fourth house of comforts, conveyances, and lifestyle. Venus in this house strengthens wealth and finances. If Seventh house lord is exalted and fourth house lord is well placed, the native enjoys massive wealth gains through successful business ventures, influential position in the society, and blissful marriage. Venus in the 7th house brings eternal happiness and strong relationship bond. Natives with this placement hold strong physical and emotional bond in love relationships. They are usually pros in coping with crisis and conflicts in relationships. These natives have deeper sense of affection and often act as a good mother and partner. They are fond of taking care of people and expressing their love. People with Venus in 7th house usually have love marriage.  

Negative Traits - Distractors 

Venus in the 7th house brings a few unfavourable outcomes in relationships. They have deeply seated emotional challenges that make their relationship turbulent. They face chances of being separated too early in their relationship. They tend to argue too much over little things that affects their relationship. The couples are seen constantly complaining about each other. They also face fleeting emotions and lose interest in their partners in a quick span of time. Momentary shades of ego also contribute to making their relationship unstable. They lack respect or mutual understanding in their relationships.