Venus in 8th House

Venus in the Eighth House – Occult interest, Mysterious beauty, and Intriguing Voice! Venus in the Eighth House natives will have long life span, wealthy life, and all comforts in life. The 8th house in Vedic astrology is all about transformation, our approach towards change or crisis, sensuality, death, and spiritual growth & transformation. It also represents regeneration, spouse’s resources, their psychology, and their wealth or inheritance. Venus in this house impacts natives’ wealth or affluence, presence of mind, relationships, and spiritual personality. Eighth house Venus also indicates devoted and loving spouse. 

Venus in 8th House

Venus in 8th House Love

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Venus in 8th House Marriage

Natives with Venus in eighth house may be born poor but get wealth over time. They will have supportive parents. The natives of Venus in the eighth house gain a lot of valuable assets or vehicles through the help of their in-laws post their marriage. Venus enables luck and progress through their spouse. These natives are too coy to express their love or display their affection in the public. They might be too discreet about their marriage or legal partnerships. If Venus is debilitated the natives encourages secrecy with multiple partners. This secrecy might lead to marital affairs, but not necessarily. It may represent your affair with your existing partner. Venus in the eighth house also represents changes or fluctuations in love relationships. They will have dark desires and have clandestine affairs to fulfil their lust. They tend to fall ill to sexual diseases or infections that affect their vitality. 

Venus in 8th House Career, Business and Finance

In general, Venus in the eighth house blesses unexpected gains through mysterious sources. Since Eighth house also aspects second house, it results in direct aspect of Venus on wealth and accumulated assets. These natives are well aware of hidden energies or powers that can make them successful psyches, magicians, and powerful healers. They channel these hidden energies for community’s good. Utilization of this talent is determined by strength of Venus and eighth house lord. If Venus is weak in this malefic house, the native may use their power for unethical way. On the contrary, strong Venus makes the successful spies or RAW agents where they must go on undercover or maintain a discreet image. Weak Venus makes the native be associated with secret societies, porn industry or domains where physical intimacy is projected. They may also experience health issues and lose their wealth in medical expenses. It also affects their marital life and life span. They may face never ending debts and unexpected losses.

The areas affected due to the Venus in the 8th House:

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Positive Traits - Influencers  

If Venus is in its own sign Taurus or Libra which also happens to be the eighth house, it forms a powerful yoga called- Sarala Viparita Raja Yoga. This yoga shields the native from the possible negative effects of this Venus’s placement. Though they are not aggressive they do not back down from their beliefs or ideas. They seek intensity in all their relationships. They might not be interested in casual encounters.  They have innate power to control and suppress their emotions. They are not fond of anything mundane or routine in their life. These natives seek intense passion and raw emotional strength through conflicts which involve dramatic situations.

Negative Traits - Distractors 

These natives have a lot of unexpressed negativities inside them. They try and apply their spiritual lessons to overcome this dark side but face serious difficulties. Their deep interest towards occultism, psychics, and magic makes them overindulge in these mysterious acts. This sometimes reduces their life span. They could be harsh, bitter, and self-deteriorating. Their ideas and dreams are fuelled by intense dark desires. However, this intensity obstructs their healthy relationships. Every bit of their logic has a hidden meaning or a hidden agenda which leaves the partner question their needs or desires. This can also be overbearing and exhaustive after a while.