Eye Blinking or Twitching Astrology Meaning

Ever wondered why your eye blinks sometimes? And when you mention this to an elder at home, they had always asked the right or left eye; and begin giving two different opinions for different eyes. Well, they are right! Eye blinking could mean a lot more than you think and can potentially carry a big clue about your future. Though it may not be bothersome, they can be a little irksome.

 In Astrology, omens are signs that often foretell the fate or signify a specific event or a change in a particular future dream. A popular shastra that deals with many scientific explanations in this genre, called ‘nimitha sastra’, explains how omens can be foreseen from our physical body and psyche. Many Sages, saints, and astrology experts have created a system to observe, analyse, and explain the reasons behind these omens and their meanings. They also can specifically trace back to an omen that leads to any event. Of all these signs, eye blinking or twitching is considered a significant omen in our culture. The twitching of left and right eyes is believed to hold different meanings. This superstition is also widely followed across many cultures in the world.

Eye Blinking in astrology meaning

Astrological Benefits of Eye Blinking or Eye twitching

Great significance is associated with these muscle spasms of the eyes that rarely happen. Every part surrounding the eyeball is made of muscle and connected to nerves. So a twitch or an involuntary blink is quite evident to feel. Eye twitching often foretells the fate of the day or the upcoming day. According to Indian Vedic astrology, the outcome varies based on the gender and the part of the eye that is twitching/ blinking. Akin to Indian astrology, Chinese astrology also puts forward similar predictions based on eye blinking.

For women, twitching in the left eye means good luck and fortune, while it is considered inauspicious if the twitching is in the right eye. At the same time, it is the exact opposite in the case of men; for a man, a twitching movement or blinking in the right eye is a sign of meeting someone, a loved one or earning sudden wealth gain. However, a left eye twitch or blinking could be a sign of bad luck or losses. Eye twitching superstitions based on the part of the eye is listed below


When there is twitching in the left eye for males, it could possibly mean hard times ahead. It is a sign of a challenging moment in your personal life or career. Left eye blinking is not an auspicious sign in men and might indicate sudden financial worry or loss in that day’s business profit. 

Left eye blinking or twitching for male indian astrology meaning in detail


The twitching of a woman’s left eye is a sign of joy and auspiciousness. It is a sign that something hopeful and lucky is going to happen in your life. Finally, you might hear back from your love interest or get some good news from friends and relatives from a distance. It is also mentioned as an indication of peace and happiness in your family.

Left eye blinking or twitching for female indian astrology meaning in detail


Men’s right eye when twitches it brings good news. It is considered auspicious in nimitha shastra, also in Chinese Astrology. You are likely to win something huge in your career. This is also referred to as a good luck charm to benefit from good fortune. It could mean a promising future or your long cherished dream to be fulfilled soon.

Right eye blinking or twitching for male indian astrology meaning in detail


In women, the scenario is reversed. The benefits are almost the opposite in females with right eye twitches. Right eye twitching is considered as a bad omen in a woman’s life. When right eye blinks, it may mean some awful news about themselves or bad news about their professional career or family. There could be troubles, and you might have to face some money problems.

Right eye blinking or twitching for female indian astrology meaning in detail

Benefits of Eye Twitching in other cultures 

In the Caribbean islands, Cuba and many parts of Africa like Cameroon and Sudan, left eye twitches indicate betrayal or sad news about something close to your heart. It also means someone is sowing bad ideas about you, or someone close to you may be in trouble. If your upper left eyelid is twitching, it means an unexpected visit from your friend or a guest.  

In Egyptian culture, left eye twitches are perceived as a harbinger of unpleasant news. ‘Eye’ plays a major role even in their worship and in their legend. The Eye of Horus is worshiped for the healing powers and the ability to protect the pharaohs in their afterlife. 

Interestingly, in Chinese culture, the twitching of left eye could be both good and bad based on the time of day. The predictions fluctuate every 2 hour.

Scientific Reasons for Eye Twitching/ Blinking  

In Medical terms, the spasm of eye muscle causing involuntary contraction or eye twitches is called “blepharospasm”. Scientifically, there are in-depth reasons for the blinking of the eyes. Science points out that when eyes are put under strain, the muscles around the eye can respond to the strain by twitching. The most common reason being, Well, you guessed it right! - Screen time. These involuntary eye twitches could be due to varied reasons.

  • Stress- this is the common factor in many cases. Both physical body stress and overworking of eye muscles can cause constant eye twitching. Eye flickering along with tired eyes are the first few responses to too much stress accumulated in our body. More the stress more frequent the eye twitches. So, resting your eyes well through good, restful sleep is the key to avoiding frequent eye twitches.
  • Eyestrain- staring at high brightness screens for a long time, unending hours in front of a desktop or laptop screen, and working in poor lighting are known to cause eyestrain. Reading under bright light in a dark surroundings or dim lighting can affect ocular muscles. Straining your eyes means more eye twitches.

Other common reasons include,

  • Caffeine - Over consumption of coffee – too much caffeine from coffee affects our ocular muscles and sleep.
  • Alcohol – alcohol intoxication is also known to cause disruption in eye muscles. 
  • Dry eyes- dry cornea or dehydration in the ocular sockets
  • Nutrition – lacking essential nutrients in your diet or mineral absorption problems from diet can cause eye twitching.
  • Allergies from weather, medicines or water.

Frequently Asked Questions on Eye Twitching

When to worry about eye twitching

If the eye twitching lasts more than 24 hours, you must seek medical help.

Which eye blinking is good for female

Left eye blinking is considered as good omen and an auspicious sign for female.

Which eye blinking is good for male

Right eye blinking is considered as good omen and an auspicious sign for male.