Left Eye Blinking for Female Astrology Meaning

You may have noticed our eyes sometimes blinks in other words twitches, (फड़कना fadakna in hindi) for no reason. This sudden involuntary muscle movement or spasm in the eye could be a mystical tool for knowing the future. Perhaps in our households, our grandparents and family elders might have mentioned this belief several times, often making you wonder if there is any science or logic. Our ancestors have associated every ‘not-so-logical event’ with a superstition. One of the popular beliefs or superstitions is eye twitches. Surprisingly, this belief dates back to the primitive age, and many countries, culture across the world follow this superstition in their everyday lifestyle. The one-liner of this multi diverse superstition is that left eye blinking for female are auspicious for female and right eye twiching are of of good luck for male.

Left Eye Blinking for Female Astrology Meaning

In Vedic Astrology in India, eye blinking or twitching is a simple technique or sign for predicting the upcoming life event. The prediction changes based on gender and the part of the eye that twitches. In addition to Vedic Astrology, Samudra-shastra also discusses the twitching of the eye is closely related to the prediction of upcoming life events. It mentions left eye twitching for female is a sign of joy and right eye for men. It also adds intricate details of the predicted event based on the part of the eye that twitches. 

Benefits of Left Eye Blinking for Female

In women, if the left eye blinks or Left eye ka fadakna (फड़कना hindi), it can mean many good auspicious things, and  left eye twitching superstition meanings based on the specific part of the eye are listed below,

  • Twitching of the lower or under left eyelid – indicates a sign of unexpected money/ gain.
  • Twitch in the upper left eyelid – indicates that one will receive happy news.
  • Twitching of eyebrows –is often a sign that one will receive divine blessings, money, or splendid news. it can also indicate the entry of Someone influential in your life.

But if a woman's right eye twitches, it is an inauspicious sign. All the above listed signs work vice a versa. 

Based on the time of the eye twitching, the benefits may vary in Indian astrology. Time or Kaala is an important factor in deciding the forthcoming event,

  • 6 AM - 5 PM - this is a good sign; eye blinking or twitching during these times can predict meeting Someone special, a powerful personality, or rejoicing moments like being invited to lunch/dinner.
  • 5 PM - 6 AM - eye twitching or blinking in this phase indicates sad events or unlucky situations. Some worrying or emotionally overwhelming events can be anticipated. 

Other benefits associated with Left Eye Twitching for female

  • Someone influential will befriend you.
  • Someone you have fantasized will make a surprise entry into your life
  • A secret admirer is thinking about you.
  • Something you've been waiting for very long will finally happen that day.

This being said, if the eye twitching isn't stopping that it affects vision, then you might want to seek medical attention.

Predictions Related to Left Eye Blinking For Female According to Chinese Astrology

Interestingly, in Chinese culture, the twitching of the left eye (फड़कना - left eye ka fadakna in hindi) could be both good and bad based on the time of day. The predictions fluctuate every 2 hours. Some glimpses are left eye twitch between midnight and 2 AM signifies that the next day might present troubles or problematic scenarios in life. In the first half of the day, from 10 AM until noon, the eye twitch could mean something great, it can bring an unexpected favor from Someone or receive good news or fortune. Here is the full compilation based on Chinese Astrology,

  • 11 PM to 1 AM - You may experience the joy of unexpected fortune and good luck in the days to come.
  • 1 AM to 3 AM - You might have to manage some minor issues and worries that will pop up all day long.
  • 3 AM to 5 AM - you can expect a surprise visit from someone dear you have wanted to meet. This day could turn out to be a special day filled with the love and laughter. 
  • 5 AM to 7 AM - You will run into Someone you haven't met in a long time. And that Someone may become a best buddy today. You can expect happy times all day long. 
  • 7 AM to 9 AM - A friend might move mountains for you and cross seven oceans just to be in your company. Get ready to relish the feeling of being Someone’s priority.
  • 9 AM to 11 AM - Someone will treat you like the queen you are. Yet, this could be a favor to be returned, since that person will keep a record of the favor awaiting a return favor soon.
  • 11 AM to 1 PM - A Day acknowledgment. Be it professional or personal life, you will be under the spotlight. You will get acknowledged for all your efforts. Everyone will be singing your glory for your hard work.
  • 1 PM to 3 PM - A smooth day. Nothing will have a negative effect on you, and nothing will appall you. All the events and chores lined up for the day will go as planned. Nothing can catch you off-guard today, nor will you have to experience any last moment glitches. 
  • 3 PM to 5 PM - Indicates money losses. You must be careful in investing your money today. A proper financial investment or a personal pleasure like a simple bet, if you make decisions with money, you should be careful. Careful gamble with money at stake. 
  • 5 PM to 7 PM - Do not hesitate to help Someone today especially financial help. The good deed that you do today will render exponential good to you someday.
  • 7 PM to 9 PM - you might be temperamental and of rash behavior. You will possibly engage in verbal fight leaving you upset.
  • 9 PM to 11 PM - you might intervene in family’s fun time or a good time with friends. Do not spoil their fun by being rude or bitter.

Left Eye twitching for female predictions around the world

In the Caribbean islands, Cuba and in many parts of Africa like Cameroon, and Sudan, left eye twitches indicate betrayal or sad news about something close to your heart. It also means Someone is sowing bad ideas about you, or Someone close to you may be in trouble. If your upper left eyelid is twitching, it means an unexpected visit from your friend or a guest.

In Egyptian culture, left-eye twitches are perceived as a harbinger of unpleasant news. ‘Eye’ plays a major role even in their worship and in their legend. The Eye of Horus is worshiped for its healing powers and ability to protect the pharaohs in their afterlife.

Scientific Reason behind left eyes blinking or twitching

In the medical world, eye twitching is a sign of tiredness or muscle hyperactivity. There are many scientific reasons for this eye twitching, including over straining of the eyes due to reading or working in poor light, lack of proper sleep, too much caffeine in the system, nerve problems, and long hours of screen time.

Left eye blinking for female in Spirituality

In many schools of spiritual wisdom, eye blinks are portrayed as a vent for the mind to release blocked negative thoughts from the past. Since Vision, or the eye, is the most powerful sense organ of the five sensory organs, our mind tends to form most opinions and ideas through visual experiences. These thoughts acquired from many unpleasant things in the past over time are leaving the system through these muscular movements of the eye. You could test this yourself; try to assess what you were thinking about or feeling when your left eye twitches next time! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Left Eye Blinking for Female

what happens when left eye blinks for female ?

Overall it is considered a good omen. At the same time, it changes based on the part of the eye that is twitching and also time of the twitching.

Is left eye twitching for female good or bad in Chinese Astrology?

Just like Indian astrology, left blinking is a good omen in Chinese astrology. Timing of the twitching and part of the eye is quite important.

What happens if the upper eyelid of the left eye is blinking?

It means that Someone will make great efforts just to be with you. Spending time with you will be their top priority.

Is the time of the left eye blinking important?

Yes, it plays an important role in both Indian and Chinese astrology. A good event can quickly turn into a bad omen in a matter of minutes.

What is the meaning of left eye blinking in Indian astrology?

This means it is highly likely to receive good news. It also means you will get money and feel hopeful about everything. It can also denote you might get overly emotional and shed tears.

What happens if the left eye corner is twitching for female?

This means great luck and financial gain. Great fortune and good luck coming your way.

What happens if the lower eyelid of the left eye is blinking?

In astrology, it can mean that some mild worries can trouble you. They will get resolved but may cause worries all day, leaving you drained emotionally.

Which eye blinking is good for female ?

Left eye blinking is a promising sign in female, bringing a good omen to life.

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