Aadi Karthigai

Krithika nakshatra of Tamizh month of Aadi or Vedic Ashada (South) month that falls between July - August is considered highly auspicious for spiritual pursuits. When the Moon moves to the Krithika constellation, it is observed as Krithigai. This festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga as it is His birth star. Special pujas and rituals for Lord Muruga are performed to please Muruga for His blessings.

Aadi Karthigai 2023

Wed , 9th Aug 2023

Legend of Krithigai

Skanda Purana talks volumes about Lord Muruga, events associated with His birth, childhood, His bravery in war, His penance, and His kundalini yoga skills. Lord Muruga was created from the Third eye of Lord Shiva in the form of 6 fiery flames that later became six baby boys. These six babies were taken to their foster mothers or Karthigai Pengal- Celestial maidens by Lord Agni and Lord Vayu. They nurtured and cared for the six babies until their boyhood. Once they attained boyhood, Goddess Parvati in the form of Vameshvari, amalgamated all six boys into a single boy with six heads and named him Shanmuga- A lord with six faces. He went onto win huge battles with demons and guard Pleiadeans, unveil Kundalini techniques to mankind.   

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati blessed Karthigai maidens with a boon that their day will be celebrated as Karthigai Nakshatra and will be special for Lord Muruga. Thus, honouring Karthigai Nakshatra is perceived as honouring Lord Karthikaya as well. 


The Krithika nakshatra of Tamizh month of Aadi or Vedic Ashada month that falls between July - August is considered highly auspicious for spiritual pursuits. It is said that divine forces descend down in this month to bless the Earthlings and are readily available to answer our prayers. In the yogic world, Aadi or Ashada month falls in the Dakshinayana, when the Sun transits from the Southern Hemisphere from the Northern hemisphere. This is the time period to turn to the Gurus, Lord Muruga being the Guru of the Gurus- Gnanaguru who preached the meaning of OM- sound to Lord Shiva, this month's Karthigai is special. 


This festival is very famous in South India and people follow this vrat with utmost devotion. The devotee takes a holy bath early hour or in the brahma muhurtha. The house is cleaned and the pooja altar is set up. Devotees fast all day on Krithigai and break their fast after evening pooja. An Idol or a picture of Lord Muruga is placed in the centre or on a pedestal with flower decorations. Traditionally, people make a live lamp out of rice flour and jaggery called Maa Vilakku, lighting it with ghee is very considered auspicious. Perform hydration ceremony (Abhishekam) to the idol, offer flowers or garlands. Lamps, Incense sticks or Dhoop, sandal paste, Holy ash, neivedhyam- preferrably milk payasam are offered to Lord Subrahmanya during arati. Pooja rituals are performed both morning and evening. People take kavadi to special Muruga temples and some people go on pilgrimage by foot to arupada veedu, that culminates on Aadi Krithigai. Slokas chanted include Tamizh slokas like Kanda Shasti Kavacham, Kanda Sashti Kavacham and Subramanya Ashtotra. 


  • This vrat or Lord Muruga worship holds various spiritual and material secrets embedded in them.
  • Karthigai is simply the best way to access Lord Muruga's energies. This pooja and vrat performed with unshakable faith blesses Spiritual Wisdom, Mind Power, Stable Health and Eternal Victory.  
  • People with poor placements of Planet Mars, Rahu and Ketu that are affecting marital relationships and financial situations can observe this vrat for a sure solution.
  • It is stated in many Vedic texts that Lord Muruga has "The Kindest Heart" and cannot stand sufferings of his devotees. There are many incidents in Sages' lives where they encountered Lord Muruga's presence simply by calling upon Him.  
  • Typically, if a person observes this vrata for six continuous karthigais beginning from Tamizh months Adi till Thai, it is said that the devotee will gain incomparable amounts of wealth, fortune, and spiritual benefits.   
  • Observing this vrat for 12 continuous years is believed to bestow moksha.  
  • Lord Muruga is readily available on these days to offer a desired result in our life by shredding out all the karmic impurities and bondages. 

Aadi Karthigai festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Saturday, 27th of July


Wednesday, 12th of August


Monday, 2nd of August


Saturday, 23rd of July


Wednesday, 9th of August


Tuesday, 30th of July


Sunday, 20th of July


Friday, 7th of August


Wednesday, 28th of July


Monday, 14th of August


Saturday, 4th of August