Aadi Perukku | Pathinettam Perukku

Aadi Perukku or ஆடிப் பெருக்கு is a festival observed on the 18th day of Aadi month- Ashadha in Tamil Nadu and other southern parts of India. It is also called Pathinettam Perukku. ‘Pathinettu’ in Tamil means 18, Perukku means to rise or to gush or to multiply. This festival is related to the water element of Mother Earth and seeks protection from calamities related to Water.

Aadi Perukku Date 2023

Thu , 3rd Aug 2023


The month of Aadi is significant both spiritually and geographically, and this month marks the onset of Monsoon and an array of festivals in the following months. Aadi month is ideal for prepping the fertile lands, sowing seeds, and planting saplings. Since Water is an essential part of agriculture and earth, it is celebrated this month. All the rivers, lakes, and even minor water bodies are worshipped on this day.

 Human life is closely associated with Mother Nature, and all significant events/changes are celebrated in our culture. In Southern India, holy rivers Cauvery, Vaigai, Siruvaani have abundant Water during this month due to rains. Water worship rituals marking the gratitude for Water enhance our receptivity for materialistic abundance. It reinstates the importance of preserving water elements in our life.

Aadi Peruku

Hoy rivers hold the energy to dissolve lousy karma from our sins, and it is believed that Lord Rama took a ritual holy bath in River Cauvery after killing King Ravana. The local deity for the particular region is worshipped along with the river Goddess. Since good water inflow denotes good harvest, this festival holds a deep connection with abundance, prosperity, and progeny. This day also celebrates Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing wealth and fertility.


People gather with families at the riverbanks to celebrate this festival. They take a holy dip, wear fresh new clothes. Light lamps drop flowers in the river. Lamps are arranged on a floating material like banana stem or leaves. They pray for a good harvest, protection against calamities from natural forces. Some women perform Sumangali Pooja and change their old Mangal sutra to new Mangal Sutras- sacred nuptial thread. Sumangali means married woman.

Poojas follow these rituals at the local deity temple located on the river banks. We can also perform Lakshmi Homa or Uma Maheshwari homa in the evening.
Another traditional custom followed on this day is Mulaipaari. It is a ritual of sprouting Navadhanya (nine grains) ahead of the event in a mud pot. On Aadi Perukku, people carry this pot with sprouted greens on their heads and walk-in groups towards the lake or river. They dissolve this mud with grains into the river at the end of the celebrations. This is considered the best ritual to worship Varuna Bagawan, God of Rain.

Benefits of Observing Aadi Perukku

  • Worshipping Mother Nature bestows a cohesive life pattern with the environment. 
  • This festival ensures plenty of harvests, consistent resources of Water, and smooth monsoon rain. 
  • This celebration also bestows good progeny, a solid marital bond, and wishes fulfilled. 
  • Whenever we worship and pay gratitude to a more significant element than us, it invokes inclusiveness and keeps us grounded. 
  • We can also buy gold, new investment bonds, and other financial investments. Since Perukku means to multiply, it is intended that anything done today will replicate in multiple ways.  

Aadi Perukku festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Saturday, 3rd of August


Sunday, 2nd of August


Tuesday, 3rd of August


Wednesday, 3rd of August


Thursday, 3rd of August


Friday, 2nd of August


Saturday, 2nd of August


Monday, 3rd of August


Tuesday, 3rd of August


Wednesday, 2nd of August


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