Agni Nakshatram

Agni Nakshatram marks the period where planet Sun moves to Krithika Nakshatra. The summer peaks during this phase and it is considered as Dosha Kaala- inauspicious for important events. Since Krithika Nakshatra denotes Lord Muruga, He is celebrated during this phase. Special pooja rituals are organised at Arupadai Veedu-Abodes of Lord Muruga.

Agni Nakshatram 2023

Thu , 4th May 2023

Astronomically, the journey of planet Sun through the 3rd and 4th padhas-quarters of Bharani constellation, all the four padhas-quarters of Krithika and lastly 1st padha quarter of Rohini nakshatra is marked as Agni Nakshatram or Kathri or Kartari in South India. When Sun is in Krithika nakshatra, the period is called “Utthara Kalamrutham”

Bharani and krithika nakshatra are considered as dreadful stars. People usually avoid these two stars for auspicious events. It is said that these are engulfing stars, meaning what is given on these days never makes its way back to our life. Sun in Agni Nakshatra signifies destructive or cleansing. Days of Agni nakshatram mirrors hot weather conditions that prevailed at the time of cosmic creation.

Intense heat causes radical change in the nature of water, soil and other elements of the cosmos. Conducting auspicious events during this changed period of Agni nakshatra naturally does not yield any productive value. This is also a time for heat related diseases to spread. Chances of Pox, dehydration and other seasonal infectious diseases are high in this period. This is also one of the important reasons behind people refraining physical intimacy in the month of Aadi because the gestation period of 10 months would end in Agni Nakshatram resulting childbirth in the hottest part of summer. 

Rituals during Agni Nakshatram

Agni Nakshatram is a predominant festival in the temples of Lord Murugan- Tiruttani, Palamuthirsolai, Swamimalai and Tiruchendur especially in Palani, Tamil Nadu. Lakhs of devotees gather for dharshan to this temple during this period, even local Murugan temples gain attention from devotees.

During this period of Agni Nakshatram, Lord Muruga devotees perform ‘Pradhakshina’ of the holy hill called ‘Giri Valam’. This ritual also holds a popular belief that the aura/aroma of the medicinal herbs on the holy hill grants good health and mental peace.

Kadamba flowers found in these hilly areas are special offering to Lord Murugan. ‘Abhishekam’ for Lord Murugan is performed with water. This water is collected and offered as ‘Theertha’. On the last day of Agni Nakshatram, this Theertha is distributed amongst all the devotees. People pour/ add this auspicious water to their houses and wells. it is believed that this blessed water grants unlimited supply of water resources. 

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