Aippasi Purnima

Aippasi is the seventh month in the Tamil Calendar, and it is one of the most auspicious months for weddings and religious rituals, in Tamil Nadu. Aippasi falls in mid-Oct to mid-Nov. Aippasi begins when the Sun enters Thula rashi or Libra. This month is called called as Thula Masa meaning balance since the days and nights are almost of equal durations.On the full moon of this month, Moon will be positioned in Ashwini Nakshatra and this pournami is celebrated as Aippasi Pournami. A divine ritual called Anna abhishekam is performed for Shivalingams at all Shiva temples on this day.

Aippasi Purnima Date 2023

Sat , 28th Oct 2023


According to Siddhas and Yogis, full moon magnifies our receptivity. Everything in us, our inner nature is magnified on this day. If you are a joyous person, you become highly joyful; if you are peaceful, you become serene on this day. Whatever is your core quality, it overflows. Life energy flows in a whole different way. Energy channels Ida and Pingala are overwhelmed with Moon’s energy. Enhanced receptivity facilitated by Moon makes Pournami ideal for Meditations, new beginnings, wealth rituals.

Astronomically, when the natural satellite Moon moves into a certain position (or degrees) with its Planet Earth, the moon’s gravitational pull gets stronger and forceful. This causes change in water element of the planet i.e high tides in the ocean, heavy thrust in waterfalls and other water bodies. The water everywhere is trying to rise up or spill. Same effect is reflected in our system since 70 percent of a human body is just water element in the form of blood, lymph, and other fluids. Modern science quotes this reason for the enhanced receptivity on Pournami. 

Anna abhishekam is a ritual to pay sincere gratitude to Lord Shiva. It is a form of thanksgiving to the Lord for all the food and blessings he has blessed us with. Lord Shiva is the powerhouse from where all five elements emerge. He is the protector of the cosmic universe and all life forms on the earth plane. Rice and other harvest are nothing but an outcome of the powerful amalgamation of all the five elements of nature. A seed is rooted on land, nourished by water from the sky, light (as fire) from the Sun and blooms into paddy or harvest with the help of wind (air)for pollination. This is the source of food energy for all living entities. Celebrating this process and the magnificent cosmic power that rules this cycle is the specialty of Anna Abhishekam.


On this day, Anna Abhishekam is celebrated in a grand manner all over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka. Abhishekam means hydration pooja, where the idol is bathed in sacred things, that include water (of the sthala), cow’s milk, ghee (clarified butter), yogurt-curd, tender coconut water, honey, sandalwood paste, Vibhuti (sacred ash), panchamirtham (mixture of 5 items), fragrant powder or liquid, and turmeric powder. On the day of Anna Abhishekam, after the usual abhishekam, the entire Shivalingam is covered with steamed rice and vegetables, fruits are made into garlands, crown to decorate the lingam. After the pooja and Aarti this rice and vegetables are distributed as Maha Naivedhyam among the devotees

This ritual is of great importance at Brahadeeshwara Temple, Thanjavur(Tanjore). This temple houses a humongous Brihadeeswarar Shivalingam and is an epitome of impressive architecture. “Sri Rudram” and Tamizh hymns-Thevaram, thrivasagam are recited throughout the ceremony.


  • By contributing and offering sincere prayers, devotees are blessed with a constant source of food and energy all through their life
  • Reduces past life karmic problems associated with physical health and non-generosity
  • Enhances inner peace and harmony- a well fed mind is a peaceful mind.
  • Bestows grain prosperity and massive harvest in agriculture
  • Consuming the Maha Prasadham of Anna Abhishekam is believed to fix health ailments and increase memory power in students.
  • This Poornima blesses lucky and good progeny
  • Observing vrat on this day blesses abundance of food and water resources all through our life

Aippasi Purnima festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 12th of November


Saturday, 31st of October


Wednesday, 20th of October


Monday, 7th of November


Saturday, 28th of October


Wednesday, 16th of October


Wednesday, 5th of November


Sunday, 25th of October


Saturday, 13th of November


Wednesday, 1st of November


Sunday, 21st of October