Angarki Chaturthi

Krishna paksha Chathurthi of Karthik masa this year is “Angarki Chaturthi”. When the Sankatahara Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday it is called Angaraki Chaturthi- angarak in Sanskrit refers to Planet Mars who is red in colour like a burning coal ember. Devotees with poor placement of Mars can observe this sankashti vrat and reap great benefits from both the Planet Mars and Lord Ganesha. Angarki Chaturthi occurs once in six months and is celebrated with great zeal & dedication. It is believed that observing Sankashti fast on Angarki Chaturthi blesses the same benefits as equivalent to observing Sankashti vrat for one full year.

Angarki Chaturthi 2023

Tue , 10th Jan 2023

Legend of Angarki Sankatahara Chaturthi

Lord Ganapathi is ‘Vighnaharata’ because he can smash all the Vighna or obstacles that one can face in life. Lord Ganapathi is a great powerhouse of wisdom and intellect. He is a Lord of Lords, Lord of knowledge and intelligence, Lord of all wealth, Lord of peace. He is considered highly spiritual celestial being who can power through most difficult phases of life with ease and displays universal traits of Supremacy and absolute stillness. Vedic sciences call Him, a Parabrahman – a highest self with utmost inclusiveness with the cosmos. Mars afflictions and doshas from other inauspicious placements can be successfully cleared by performing remedies on this day. Lord Ganesh’s worship and observing nirjala fast on this auspicious day smashes all life troubles.


Devotees celebrate this Chaturthi by observing fast and performing special pooja to Lord Ganesha. Devotees wake up before sunrise and take a holy bath. Clean the worship altar for pooja rituals. Full day fast is observed on this auspicious day. Pooja is performed in the evening after the moonrise. Ganesha Idol is set in the centre of the worship altar. Ganesha mantras, Ganesha Ashtotra are recited on this day. Lord Ganesha idol is decorated with dhruva grass, sandalwood paste, flowers and new vastram. Special offerings like modhaks, sweets made from rice flakes/ puffed rice is prepared for the pooja, Aarthi – light ceremony is performed. Vighnaraja Sankashti Vrat katha is read after the pooja. Pooja Offerings are also made to Lord Chandra/ moon, the fast concludes after sighting the Moon- Dharshan of Chandra bhagavan. Devotees also offer ‘aargya’ to Lord Ganesha and followed by Chandra dharshan and break their fast. Later the offerings are distributed among the family. Smashing coconuts is a significant ritual of this pooja. People visit Lord Ganesh temple after the pooja in their house and perform coconut smashing ritual at temples. 

Seed Sound for meditation:

Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha!

Greatness of Sankatahara Chaturthi

The celebration of Sankatahara Chaturthi is said to be followed since 700 BC as one of the best remedies for removing hurdles and obstacle in life. Lord Ganesha is a primordial lord worshipped in various forms as the god of wisdom, prosperity, and good luck. He is traditionally worshipped before commencing every important activity like travel, new business venture, education, and auspicious rituals.

Several stories from puranas elucidate the power of this vrat. One story revolves around how Lord Indra’s vahana was grounded because of a sinner’ sight while he was flying across King Shurasena's kingdom. He observed Sankatahara Chathurthi Vrat so His vahana could start flying again. In another fable, Moon Lord who was so full of his good looks and passes egoistic remarks at Ganesha’s trunk and big belly, loses his lustre and illumination. He performs this vrat pleading the mercy of Lord Ganesha and regains his shiny lustre. The last famous one is about a sinner who had hurt many people with words and curses went to heaven because she followed fast on Chaturthi unknowingly. She could not eat because of sickness on Sankatahara Chathurthi day and consumed a morsel of food only after moonrise. Regardless of her knowledge about this vrat, she still gained the merits of the vrat and was allowed to heaven upon her death. Such is the power of this vrat.


  • Observing sincere fast on Angaraki Chaturthi removes all the obstacles and hurdles that stop us from attaining success.
  • It helps us reap fullest blessings of Lord Ganesha. 
  • This Angaraki Chaturthi vrat bestows supreme intelligence and fortune through Lord Ganesha. 
  • This Angaraki Chaturthi vrat is one of the effective remedies for Planet Ketu. People with bad impacts due to 'Ketu Maha Dasa or Bhukti' are advised to observe this vrat.

Angarki Chaturthi festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 17th of September


Tuesday, 2nd of March


Tuesday, 27th of July


Tuesday, 23rd of November


Tuesday, 19th of April


Tuesday, 13th of September


Tuesday, 10th of January


Tuesday, 25th of June


Tuesday, 18th of March


Tuesday, 12th of August


Tuesday, 6th of January


Tuesday, 5th of May


Tuesday, 29th of September


Tuesday, 22nd of June


Tuesday, 5th of December

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