Ashadha Gupt Navratri

Ashadha Gupt Navaratri is celebrated in the month of Ashadha in the Shukla Paksha tithi. This Navaratri is primarily observed by Seers, Sadhus and Tantriks to access core energies of Goddess Durga and all nine forms. This can open doors in tantric wisdom. This celebration or pooja rituals are celebrated in secrecy for better results. 'Durga Battissi' or Durga Saptshati recited with sincere devotion puts an end to all the sufferings and blesses abundance. Ghatasthapana Muhurta during this Navratri falls during Dvi-Svabhava Mithuna Lagna on the Pratipada tithi.

Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2023

Mon , 19th Jun 2023

Navratri Calendar

Pratipada Tithi - Ghatasthapana or Kalash Sthapana followed by Maa Shailpurti Pooja
Dwitia Tithi - Maa Brahmacharini Pooja
Tritiya Tithi - Maa Chandraghanta Pooja
Chaturthi Tithi - Maa Kushmanda Pooja
Panchami Tithi - Maa Skandamata Pooja
Shasthi Tithi - Maa Katyayani Pooja
Saptami Tithi - Maa Kalaratri Pooja
Ashtami Tithi - Maa Maha Gauri Pooja
Navami Tithi - Maa Siddhidatri Pooja
Dasami- celebrated for Durga as VijayaDasami that concludes the festivities.


Navarathri is observed to celebrate Mahashakthi and her various forms she took during the battlefield with Mahisha. Goddess Durga is a powerful Shakthi form, and She is referred as Supreme Brahman in Rig Veda. Durga in Sanskrit can be broken into- "Dur" meaning inauspicious, poverty, evil forces and sufferings, "r" sound meaning diseases and last syllable "ga" destroyer of all listed sufferings. According to Shakthi Purana and Rig Veda, Goddess Durga was created from Maa Parvati as a fierce form to destroy demon Mahishasura. Demon king Mahishasura was granted a boon from Lord Brahma that he cannot be killed by a man. 

He started creating challenges in all the lokas due to his boon and its pride. Lord Shiva asked Maa shakthi to intervene and put an end to Mahishasura. She created Goddess Durga from a beam of fierce light. Goddess Durga fought a war with Mahishasura and killed him in the battlefield when he tried to escape the war in the form of a buffalo form. It is signified by the buffalo head at Her feet. She is usually depicted as a fierce warrior woman, riding a roaring lion. She has 8 or more arms, each holding a weapon given by every celestial being for the battlefield- conch, trident, bow arrow, lotus, chakra, sword, club.


  • Observing this Navratri fortunes on social, financial, and physical dimensions of life.
  • imparts divine knowledge and wisdom on devotees. 
  • Offers protection and safeguards from the danger of accidents and untimely deaths 
  • Devi worship can rectify bad planetary positions, highly influential on fixing Moon doshas. 
  • This is a great opportunity to worship the MahaShakthi to remove obstacles in acquiring wealth, career, and business 
  • Protects us from health challenges and ensures good health for the whole family 
  • Durga worship in this Navratri helps us get over weak mind, mental health issues and stress. 

Ashadha Gupt Navratri festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Wednesday, 3rd of July


Monday, 22nd of June


Sunday, 11th of July


Thursday, 30th of June


Monday, 19th of June


Saturday, 6th of July


Thursday, 26th of June


Wednesday, 15th of July


Sunday, 4th of July


Friday, 23rd of June


Thursday, 12th of July