Atla Taddi

Atla Taddi is a traditional festival celebrated by Telugu speaking communities in India. It is a popular ritual in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is observed by unmarried and married women for the health and long life of their husbands/future partners. This festival is celebrated on the Krishna paksha tritiya tithi after the full moon in Aswin/Aswiyuja month of Telugu calendar. This festival is the Telugu equivalent of Karva Chauth celebration of North India. Atla Taddi translates to Atlu/Atla meaning Dosas and Taddi means Trithiya or Tadiya or third day after full moon.

Atla Taddi 2023

Tue , 31st Oct 2023


This festival is celebrated by both unmarried and married women. Gauri Pooja is performed with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. Unmarried women celebrate this festival to be blessed with a good and caring partner. Married women observe this festival for a smooth married life and wellness of their partner. People play swings (uyyala), games and enjoy music and dance in villages. Henna Gorintaku (Mehndi) designs are drawn on their palms. This main ritual on Atla Taddi Bhogi is aimed at happiness of the women. People sing folk songs like atla taddi aaratloi, mudda pappu mudatloi. This festival is also called as ‘Uyyala panduga’ or ‘Gorintaku panduga’. 


Women wake up early in the morning before sunrise, take a holy bath or ceremonial bath. After the shower, the house is cleaned and pooja altar is sanctified. Nirjala fast is observed till the evening and the fast is broken after sighting the moon. Gauri Pooja is performed in the evening. A Kalasam/Kalash is set in the pooja altar signifying Gauri. The Kalasam is filled with rice, coins (silver and gold coins) and decorated with turmeroc, kumkum, flowers and mango leaves. The pooja is performed after the sunset, vrat katha of Atlataddi's is read. During pooja women performing the fast chant Gauri Ashtotram, Lakshmi slokas and perform aarti. Pootarekulu (sweet made with rice flour, jaggery, and milk) is prepared as Neivedhyam on this day. Moon is not seen directly at first; people see the reflection of Moon on the water surface of nearby pond or lake

People relish the day by playing the swing, music and dance. Also, apply Gorintaku (henna) on their palms. After sighting the Moon, devotees break the fast by having tiny atlu (miniature dosas/rice flour pancakes). On this day, some families follow a custom of preparing atlu and offering to goddess Gauri and distribute to relatives and neighbors as vaayanam. Thamboolam and 11 atlu along with deepam made of rice flour,ghee is given to 11 ladies who are also in this atla taddi vrat. These sacred things held in the saree end/pallu while offering to each of the 11 ladies. 


  • This vrat ritual blesses lucky and good progeny for couples facing challenges.
  • Gauri Devi bestows abundance and prosperity
  • Observing this festival increases longevity of the life partner and promotes good health.
  • Atla taddi ritual promotes unison among couples and strengthens marital bond
  • This fast and Gauri pooja rituals bestow best blessings from the divine couple. It brings fortune and luck to their partners.

Atla Taddi festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Wednesday, 16th of October


Tuesday, 3rd of November


Saturday, 23rd of October


Wednesday, 12th of October


Tuesday, 31st of October


Sunday, 20th of October


Thursday, 9th of October


Wednesday, 28th of October


Monday, 18th of October


Friday, 6th of October


Thursday, 25th of October

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