Bathukamma End

Bathukamma festival is a 9-day celebration that culminates on Durgashtami as a grand celebration called Saddula Bathukamma. Bathukamma is a unique arrangement of local seasonal flowers in the shape of a temple gopura. Every day some flower is added in concentric circles on the row in a brass plate called taambalam. Men and children of the house gather Bathukamma Flowers from the wild plains, these flowers include Celosia, Senna, Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Indian Lotus, Cucurbita leaves & flowers, Cucumis Sativus leaves & flowers, Memecylon edule, Tridax procumbens, Trachyspermum ammi, Katla, Teku Flowers.

Bathukamma End 2023

Sun , 22nd Oct 2023

Preparing a Bathukamma is a unique folk art. Women begin preparing the Bathukamma arrangement from the afternoon of the last day. The collected flowers are cut and arranged in a vibrant design, some flowers like Gunugu (Celosia) flowers are colored artificially in bright colours, scented and arranged on the Thambalam. The whole family gathers and arrange the big ‘Batukamma’. On top of the flowers, a lump of ground turmeric is placed denoting mangalam-sanctity. Goddess Batakamma is worshipped with this little floral mountain.


Colours of the bathukamma, flowers used for the arrangement are intrinsic to this local festival, the flowers are arranged in a special way that signifies both life and eternity. Colours and the scent denote impermanence. This bathukamma is `created’ every year, and immersed (visarjan) on the 10th day of the festival in local water bodies. 

Using native flowers play a main role in this festival, this celebration supports native insects in cross pollination of native crops and results in better yields. This festival also brings the medicinal value of the native flowering plants. This unique festival heralds the beauty of nature, reflects the collective spirit of people, and the indomitable spirit of women. This is one of the festivals that celebrate the ecological spirit of the agrarian community.


On this final day an elaborate Gauri pooja is performed followed by immersion of Bathukamma, Bathukamma Visarjan in local water bodies is a grand festival celebrated with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. The women of neighborhood dress up, gather and place their Bathukamma together. They form a large circle around it and sing folk songs by gyrating in rounds around the bathukammas repeatedly, forming a beautiful human circle representing unity, love, and sisterhood. Before the onset of dusk, women carry the bathukamma on their heads in a grand procession. The bathukammas from every household is carried with rhythmic drumbeats is organised throughout Telangana state. Visarjan occurs in the evening; it is usually a beautiful, calming visual treat reflecting the true spirit of rural Telangana. Guramma, the turmeric lump placed on top of Bathukamma symbolizing Gowri is retained from Bathukamma before immersion. This turmeric is used by every married woman, they apply this paste on their Mangala sutra that marks the solemnization of the marriage.


  • Women observe Bathukamma festival for good health, prosperity and happiness for their families.
  • This festival also brings various communities together spreading the joy of unity and brotherhood.
  • This festival is a perfect way to keep ancient traditions alive and to conserve natural ecosystem.

Bathukamma End festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 6th of October


Saturday, 24th of October


Thursday, 14th of October


Monday, 3rd of October


Sunday, 22nd of October


Thursday, 10th of October


Monday, 29th of September


Sunday, 18th of October


Friday, 8th of October


Tuesday, 26th of September


Monday, 15th of October

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