Bharani Shraddha

Maha Bharani Shraddha is an auspicious ritual for Pitrus performed during the ‘Bharani’ Nakshatra kala of the Pitru paksha phase. The day on which Bharani prevails in the ‘Aparahna Kala’is considered for the Bharani Shraddha ritual. Usually, Bharani Nakshatra falls either on Chaturthi Tithi or Panchami Tithi of the Mahalaya Paksha. When Bharani Nakshatra falls on Chaturthi Tithi, it is called Chauth Bharani and when it occurs on Panchami tithi it is referred as Bharani Panchami.

Bharani Shraddha 2023

Mon , 2nd Oct 2023


Maha Bharani Shraddha is performed on the day of Bharani Nakshatra of Pitru Paksha. This day on which Bharani Nakshatra falls in the pitru paksha is of great importance in Tarpanam rituals. Bharani Shraddha is the most observed shradh ritual after Mahalaya Amavasya in the Pitru Paksha phase. According to scriptures, Bharani Shraddha is as fruitful as performing shraddha rituals at Gaya. It bestows same magnitude of peace and light on ancestor souls. Bharani nakshatra holds special significance in pitru rituals, since this nakshatra is ruled by the Lord Yama, the God of death. performing Tarpanam during this Bharani pleases and influences Lord Yama to show mercy on our dead ancestors. If Bharani Nakshatra spans into two days and prevails partially not completely during Aparahna Kala on both the days, then the day with longer duration of Bharani Aparahna kala is considered for the Shradh.

This day is also ideal for pitrus who were unable to go on pilgrimages in their lifetime. By performing Shraddha for them on this day, we can help them reap same benefits of visiting holy places and pilgrimages like Matru Gaya, Pitru Gaya, and Pushkar Tirth.


Maha Bharani Shradh is not performed in the first Mahalaya year after the death of a person. This practice of Maha Bharani is usually began from the second Mahalaya year and has to be performed every year from then on. Shraddha Ritual is performed by the male member of the family, usually the eldest son. The ritual is performed at the banks of sacred rivers or water bodies near temples. The individual performing the ritual takes a holy bath, wears a ring made of Dharbha grass. This Dharbha grass symbolises benevolence and invokes the energy of the ancestors during the mantra recital. Followed by ‘Pind Daan’, a ritual of offering of Pindi or Pinda which are cooked rice balls mixed with sesame seeds. Lord Vishnu is then invoked with another strand of holy Darbha grass to bless the invoked ancestors. The Pind is immersed in the water body or offered to crow. Crow is believed as both ancestor element or as the messenger of Yama, so when they are eating the Pind or food, it is considered that the hungry ancestor’s appetite is quenched. On this day, special sattvic food is prepared for the ritual and is offered in memory of the dead ancestors.


  • Pitru Paksha especially Bharani Shraddha, Magha Shraddha and Mahalaya Amavasya are auspicious days to resolve chronic challenges in life. 
  • When ancestors are in the state of unrest it causes money loss and progeny issues, performing Shradh on Bharani Nakshatra steers clear Pitru Paksha dosha and blesses peace to the dead ancestors. 
  • Tarpanam and Pind dhan is a way of paying respect, gratitude, and tribute to our ancestors. 
  • This Shradh ritual empowers us with wealth and will power to solve our challenges 
  • Also frees us from bad debts and blesses grand financial status. 

Bharani Shraddha festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Wednesday, 18th of September


Monday, 7th of September


Friday, 24th of September


Wednesday, 14th of September


Monday, 2nd of October


Saturday, 21st of September


Thursday, 11th of September


Tuesday, 29th of September


Monday, 20th of September


Saturday, 9th of September


Wednesday, 26th of September