Chaturthi Vrat

Shukla paksha Chaturthi tithi is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This auspicious day holds power times to connect to the divine consciousness of the Lord Ganesha who rules the Muladhara chakra. Lord Ganapathi is 'Vighnaharata' because he can smash all the ‘Vighna or obstacles’ that one faces in their life.

Chaturthi Vrat 2022

Mon , 26th Dec 2022


Lord Ganesha is a primordial lord worshipped in various forms as the god of wisdom, prosperity, and good luck. He is traditionally worshipped before commencing every important activity like travel, new business venture, education, and auspicious rituals. Lord Ganapathi is usually worshipped before commencing any event or starting anything afresh. Lord Ganesha is a great powerhouse of wisdom and intellect. He is the Lord of knowledge and intelligence, Lord of all wealth, Lord of inner peace. He is considered highly spiritual celestial being who can power through most difficult phases of life with ease and displays universal traits of Supremacy and absolute stillness. Vedic sciences call Him, a Parabrahman - a highest self with utmost inclusiveness with the cosmos.

Chaturthi Vrat

Devotees observe Chaturthi vrat by observing fast and performing special pooja to Lord Ganesha. Wake up before sunrise and take a holy bath. Clean the worship altar for pooja rituals. Set Lord Ganesha idol on chowki. Perform Abhishekam, apply sandalwood paste and offer flowers, incense, and light lamp to the idol. Special offerings like modhaks, sweets made from rice flakes/ puffed rice is prepared for the pooja. Chant Ganesha mantras and perform bhajan. This pooja is performed in the muhurtha time, devotees visit Lord Ganesha temple in the evening. We can donate food to the poor and needy or make any donation of our choice.

Mantra for Lord Ganesha

Resonate with mantra "Om Gum Ganapathiye Namaha"


  • Chaturthi vrat provides clarity of life, peace of mind and everlasting happiness 
  • Observing silence on this day enhances spiritual awakening in life. 
  • Financial constraints and the factors contributing to debts, loss can be removed through this vrat. 
  • Brings more luck and fortune; Attracts good health and well-being. 
  • increases Self-confidence and Self-esteem in an individual. 
  • This vrat one of the best remedies for challenges with Planet Ketu. People with bad impacts due to 'Ketu Maha Dasa or Bhukti' are advised to observe this chathurthi vrat and Sankata chathurthi vrat. 

All Chaturthi Vrat dates in 2022 and Chaturthi Tithi Timing


 Chaturthi Tithi Timing 

January 6th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Jan 05, 2:35 PM - Jan 06, 12:29 PM

February 4th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Feb 04, 4:38 AM - Feb 05, 3:47 AM

March 6th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Mar 05, 8:36 PM - Mar 06, 9:12 PM

April 5th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Apr 04, 1:55 PM - Apr 05, 3:45 PM

May 4th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : May 04, 7:33 AM - May 05, 10:01 AM

June 3rd

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Jun 03, 12:17 AM - Jun 04, 2:42 AM

July 3rd

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Jul 02, 3:17 PM - Jul 03, 5:07 PM

August 1st

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Aug 01, 4:18 AM - Aug 02, 5:13 AM

August 31st

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Aug 30, 3:33 PM - Aug 31, 3:23 PM

September 29th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Sep 29, 1:28 AM - Sep 30, 12:09 AM

October 28th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Oct 28, 10:34 AM - Oct 29, 8:13 AM

November 27th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Nov 26, 7:28 PM - Nov 27, 4:25 PM

December 26th

Chaturthi Tithi Timing : Dec 26, 4:51 AM - Dec 27, 1:38 AM